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Resources for Financial Educators 

Watch all of our past Financial Security webinar recordings here.

2021 Financial Security Webinars

July 28 How to Improve Adult Financial Literacy with a Personalized Game

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Imagine a 5-minute game activity where you drag cash onto each of your debts, deciding which one to pay off first.  Instead of some generic loan balances and APRs, you play using your own info.  At the end of the lesson, you won’t have to figure out how to apply a generic theory to your unique financial situation – you'll have already done that.

 Learn how the MoneyNosh® game is designed to overcome many of the key obstacles to adult financial literacy – by combining personalization, behavioral economics, and fun.  Discuss ways we might partner with your current education programs.

Presented by Jeff Nagel, MoneyNosh Founder & CEO, spent over 30 years helping financial institutions market their products to consumers.

June 23 Insights from Five Financial Education Policy Convenings, National Endowment for Financial Education. 

June 23, 2021 Recording.

In January and February of 2021, the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) partnered with the Council for Economic Education (CEE) to host five convenings focused on specific challenges in the K-12 financial education space and touched on the following policy topics:

  • Financial education’s role in equitable access to post-secondary education
  • Alternative approaches to financial education mandates
  • What research says is effective in financial education and how to best support that with legislative dollars
  • How to better support the unique needs of communities isolated from the mainstream; and
  • How can we better align financial education to support the values and contexts of diverse communities?

This session will highlight major themes from those conversations and discuss possible next steps for different stakeholders in the financial ecosystem so that everyone has the knowledge, confidence and opportunity to live their best financial life.

photo of speaker Chris ShannonChris Shannon serves as the Vice President of External Affairs, overseeing the communications, marketing, and NEFE’s strategic partnership functions. Ms. Shannon’s work with NEFE started well before she was formally brought on as staff; she has been helping hundreds of educators, non-profit staff and private sector volunteers effectively leverage NEFE’s materials to benefit young adults in MA, NY, RI and VA. In addition, Shannon helped design financial education train-the-trainer models in CA, CO, MA and VT.  Ms. Shannon’s career started as an educator in urban, vocational, comprehensive, gifted and talented, community college and university settings. She has also spent a significant part of her career directing regional youth workforce development programming for two regional workforce development boards and one community college. Prior to joining NEFE, Ms. Shannon served as a deputy director for the Regional & Community Development department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston where she oversaw strategies that supported the department’s goals to advance policies and innovations that promote economic growth and improve employment opportunities in lower-income communities of New England.

May 26 FDIC Money Smart for Young People - Enhanced Version

May 26, 2021 Financial Security Recording

FDIC Money Smart Webinar Slides - coming soon!

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Photo of Bobbie Gray on the left with text "Supervisory Community Affairs Specialist, FDIC". Photo of Sandra Rabba on the right with text "Community Affairs Specialist (Acting), FDIC".

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is introducing an enhanced version of its "Money Smart for Young People" (MSYP) curriculum. This version benefits from insights received from 26 educators who taught 83 MSYP sessions as part of a special project. Based on their experiences, it includes modern, east to read educator guides, redesigned student handouts and more resources. It also incorporates Building Block activities developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that can help promote lifelong learning and financial skills development. And, the Parent/Caregiver Guides have been enhanced, including information that can introduce parents to a youth banking program.

This event will help the attendees use MSYP either virtually or in-person. We will also cover related resources from the FDIC. These include a new digital toolkit featuring fillable lessons tha can be completed online or printed.

April 28 Lessons Learned from Logic Models: Documenting FRM Program Impacts

April 28, 2021 Financial Security Recording

Lessons Learned from Logic Models Slides

Spock says, “logic is the beginning of wisdom not the end.” Since 2015 the national network of Extension family resource management professionals has worked to aggregate FRM program data. Celebrate our collective success, share lessons learned, and discuss next steps towards achieving conditional outcomes and sustainability.

February 24 COVID-19 and Your Finances with Dr. Barbara O’Neill, CFP®, AFC®, CRPC®

February 24, 2021 Financial Security Recording

COVID-19 and Your Finances Slides

Americans can be grouped into three categories with respect to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their finances:

  • Reduced income and struggling
  • Stable income but anxious
  • Increased income with opportunities

No matter what category you fall into, there are actions steps you can take to improve your personal finances.  Rutgers University distinguished professor emeritus and Owner/CEO of Money Talk: Financial Planning seminars and publications, Dr. Barbara O’Neill, CFP®, will provide financial tips for each category with an emphasis on the first two groups.

Dr. Barbara O’Neill, CFP®, AFC®, CRPC® is the owner/CEO of Money Talk: Financial Planning Seminars and Publications where she writes, speaks, and reviews content about personal finance. A Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, after 41 years of service as a Rutgers Cooperative Extension educator and personal finance specialist, she has written over 160 articles for academic publications and received over 35 national awards and over $1.2 million in grants to support her financial education programs and research. Dr. O’Neill is a past President of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE), a recipient of the AFCPE Distinguished Fellow Award, and a Next Gen Personal Finance fellow. She tweets personal finance information @moneytalk1, writes weekly posts for her Money Talk blog, and is the author of Flipping a Switch, a book about 35 later life transitions, published in 2020.

 January 27, A Tenacious Trek Through Tantalizing and Timely Tax Topics: A presentation on the current and relevant past tax law affecting tax filers in 2021. Andrew Zumwalt, M.S., CFP, Associate Professor, Associate State Specialist & Co-Director of the Center for Economic Education University of Missouri.

January 27, 2021 Financial Security recording

Tax Topics Slides

Andrew Zumwalt has a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Economics, a BS in Consumer and Family Economics, and an MS in Consumer and Family Economics. Andrew has been instrumental in founding and growing the Missouri Taxpayer Education Initiative, a program that uses “Taxpayer Assistance as a Gateway to Financial Education”. Over the past six years, more than 20,000 returns have been prepared at MoTax sites and more than $20 million has been refunded; a large portion of these returns have been prepared by students in the class Andrew teaches–Personal Financial Planning 4188: Community Agencies and Volunteerism. Andrew serves as campus support for the state network of Family Financial Education Specialists. He also serves on the board of the local student-managed credit union, Tigers Credit Union.

 January 20, How to Shake Financial Numbness with  Karen Richel, M.S., AFC, Certified Money Coach (CMC), University of Idaho Extension

January 20, 2021 Financial Security recording

Shake Financial Numbness Slides

Being “stuck” in financial stress is dangerous. This webinar presents methods that can help educators learn about the impact of stress and anxiety on overall wellness. Coping strategies are presented along with ways to help consumers move forward.  Change your perspective, let go of the unnecessary, practice gratitude and discover the 10 facets of resilience. Start the year off right.

photo of Karen RichelKaren Richel is an associate professor and Extension educator in family and consumer sciences for Latah County and is the family finance educator in the 10 north Idaho counties. Providing the communities that she serves with research-based information, Karen specializes in providing basic financial education for every age and socioeconomic group including low-income families, soon-to-be-released prisoners and students. She offers classes, workshops and simulations on topics ranging from goal setting and tracking expenses to retirement and end-of-life planning. In addition, she is an accredited financial counselor and a certified money coach. These designations allow her to provide free, one-on-one counseling sessions to help community members build strong financial foundations and secure balanced financial lives.