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10 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Volunteer Work

by Ashley Henderson - April 16, 2018

April is National Volunteer month. Here are 10 ways to get your kids involved.

Donate food to a food pantry. Have your child pick out one item each time  you go to the store. When you get a bagful, take it to a local food pantry.

Walk to fight diseases. Many organizations use walks to increase awareness and raise funds. Kids 5 and up can walk a few miles, and you can push little ones in a stroller.

Befriend a mentally disabled adult. Call a residential treatment center for the developmentally disabled in your area and ask to be matched with an adult whom you can include in family events, holiday activities, and outings. The center will select someone who can interact well with young children.

Put together activity boxes. If your child is a preschooler, decorate shoe boxes and fill them with a deck of cards, small games, and puzzle books for kids at the local hospital.

Offer a lift. Take your kids along to drive elderly people or patients with AIDS or cancer to their medical appointments, or take nursing home residents or isolated seniors to the grocery store or to visit friends. 

Clean up. Pick up litter at a local park or while you take a walk in the neighborhood. (Wear gloves and supervise your children closely.)

Be kind to animals. Volunteer to care for abandoned dogs or cats.

Visiting a nursing home. Your family can be matched with one person to call on regularly.

Deliver meals. You and your child can bring both hot food and companionship to home bound people through a local charity food service. 

Share story time. Read your child's favorite books to children in the hospital. She can sit next to you and turn the pages.


Infographic about involving your children with volunteer work