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Health & Wellness Directory


Laura Balis, PhD

Assistant Professor and Health Specialist


Dr. Balis' research focuses on translating evidence-based physical activity programs for diverse populations into practice through the Cooperative Extension System. She oversees programs designed to tackle Arkansas' biggest health challenges. 

Jessica Vincent, MEd

Health and Wellness Project Coordinator

Phone: (501) 671-5809
Fax: (501) 671-2294

 Jessica is the project manager for ArDROP, leading the team as subject matter expert in improving access to healthy foods and physical activity and serving as the liaison for local communities with state and national agencies. She is also a member of Cooperative Extension’s health program development and evaluation team.

Addie Wilson, MS 

Program Associate


Addie manages Health and Wellness programs through the process of research, design, implementation, evaluation, and sustainability. She conducts trainings and provides technical assistance for county extension agents and facilitates strategic meetings.


Tyler Brown, MEd

Regional Program Associate, Obesity Reduction

Fax: (501) 671-2294

 Tyler serves as the regional lead of county operations for the ArDROP team, working directly with community leadership and establishing diverse-sector coalitions to implement policy, systems, and environmental changes regarding healthy food and physical activity access.

Caitlin Palenske, MBA

Regional Program Associate, Obesity Reduction

Fax: (870) 347-3075


Caitlin serves as the communications coordinator for ArDROP, managing internal and external messaging to stakeholders, partners, and communities committed to improving health outcomes in the Arkansas Delta through policy, systems and environmental changes.


Darby Treat

Regional Program Associate, Obesity Reduction
Fax: (870) 338-8198

Darby is located in Phillips County and serves as a Program Associate for the ArDROP team. She forms coalitions with community partners to implement evidence-based strategies that address policy, system and environmental changes to increase healthy food options, provide safe access to increase physical activity, and improve connectivity to healthy destinations.