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Image of State of Arkansas in red with shoe prints in white with Walk Across Arkansas spelled out in black in half moon circle over top and down right side of image.What is Walk Across Arkansas?

It is an 8 week exercise campaign where you and your team set personal goals for physical activity and try to meet them (with a little help from your friends!)

When and how do I sign up?

The Walk Across Arkansas campaign happens twice a year in the spring and fall. 

 Walking is from March 16th – May 10th.

How do I record my minutes?

You can log your minutes online OR you can contact your county Extension agent for more information and forms.

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Spend quality time with your family by competing together in Walk Across Arkansas.

What you do:

Record the number of minutes walked throughout the day (with the intent of exercising for at least 10 minutes straight).

Who can participate?

Anyone! Some suggestions of team categories:

  • Families
  • Worksites
  • Teachers
  • Youth (under age 18)
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Faith-based members
  • General (a combination of above)

Is just walking allowed?

No! Most people in our program choose to walk, but you can do any type of physical activity as long as you increase your heart rate or break a sweat for at least 10 consecutive minutes. Research recommends that adults should exercise for at least 150 minutes per week and youth for 60 minutes per day.

How will this program benefit me?

Most of our participants enjoy the camaraderie they share with team members. We have also learned that many of our participants:

  • Had more energy
  • Slept better
  • Strengthened their relationships
  • Lost weight or inches
  • Improved their blood pressure
  • Improved their blood panels
  • Controlled their stress


For more information, contact your County FCS Extension Agent!