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Do you or a young person in your life need a little help with learning how to "adult"? Have you ever asked yourself "Why didn't anyone teach me this in school?"

Our agents are here to help! They're talking finance, college, jobs, professionalism, and more in our new Grown Up U: Facts for Success podcast!

Join Arkansas Extension Family and Consumer Science agents as they talk us through the latest in research-based advice suitable to all of us who never learned critical information about topics such as banking, time management, hiring (and more).

Not all life skills need to be learned first hand. Sit back, relax, and listen to our experts in their weekly podcast available on Buzzsprout.

Podcasts will be posted every Wednesday, starting September 8, 2021.

Podcast Episodes

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Managing relationships isn’t just about family and friends. You spend most of your day with co-workers or even live with college roommates. Cultivating these relationships from the start in a positive way means you are on the fast track to personal and professional success. Today’s podcast presented by agents, Rachel Chaney and Pamela Luker, will be the emotionally intelligent guide you need for building the basis of healthy habits in the workplace and dorm room.  

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So, you are going to move into your first apartment or house and you need to signup for utilities but aren't sure how to get started. Join FCS agent, Amy Monk, and her son Will as they discuss what Will needs to do to have the  power, internet, etc. turned on in his new apartment.

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Moving into a new place creates a long To Do list. Today, we are going to look at five things that need to be done after you have moved whether you have left home for college or moved out on your own for the first time. Listen as Alison Crane, FCS agent in Garland County, Arkansas visits her recently graduated daughter, Anna Crane. As they share some of the things that will help you get established after you have moved to a new place.

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Are you nervous about starting college or starting your first “real world” job? If so, start  listening to Family and Consumer Sciences Agents, Pamela Luker and Rachel Chaney, as they share some tips to make the transition from high school to college or to your first job a little easier.  (By the way, we're a little nervous about starting up our podcast series, so we can totally relate!)

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Podcast Episode Schedule for 2021

Release Date Episode Title
Sept 8 Top 3 things for going back to school or starting work
Sept 8 How do I establish myself in a new place?
Sept 8 Five Tips for Setting up Your Utilities
Sept 15 How to Get along with roommates and coworkers
Sept 22 Social Cues for Real Life Interaction
Sept 29 How to budget your Fafsa refund
Oct 6 Managing stress
Oct 13 time management to achieve your goals
Oct 21 What to do when you lose your stuff. Part 1 - Keys, Part 2 - Wallet