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Extension Homemakers Blog

Extension Homemakers Blog 

Memorial Service to Remember Deceased Members

by Eva Marie Pearson - May 15, 2017

Members who have died during the past year will be remembered during the final session of the 2017 state meeting of the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council on June 8.


As we gather for the final session of the 2017 state meeting of the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council on June 8, we will remember those members who have died during the past year.

We will also remember Dr. Anne Sortor, who was the associate director – family and consumer sciences and 4-H youth development University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service, who died April 6, 2017. She had retired September 1, 2016, after eight years of service.

Some of these were close friends and neighbors. Others we knew only because we shared a bond with them for our love of family, home and community. We will miss them all.

Ouachita District

Hot Spring County

Lyndia McClenahan

Montgomery County

Chris Henry

Bernice Hill

Deloris Schakel

Linda Allen

Pike County

Linda Blount

Carolyn Oldner

Presley Robertson

Polk County

Julia Bentley

Pulaski County

Katherine Horner

Dr. Anne Sortor

Saline County

Gladys Newcomb

Carolyn Whitener

Beulah Wright

Sevier County

Marjorie Pell

Geraldine Vann

Union County

Frances Owens

Delta District

Arkansas County

Patty Eldridge

Cathy Fox

Ruth Snotzmeier

Ashley County

Willene Stinson

Clay County

Freda Mark

Rena Snow

Drew County

Mary Frances Raines Bellot

Mardelle Crawford Henley

Sheilla Ezelle Lampkin

Robbie Lee Stephenson

Jefferson County

Louise Easterling Cagle

Monta Martin

Lawrence County

Altha Murphy

Mississippi County

Frances Austin

Elva Burks

Joye Riggs

Prairie County

Jean Burkett

Judy Burroughs

Gladys Corpier

White County

Laverne Barnett

Mary Brown

Susie Coffey

Orell Hall

Doris Oliver

Pat Osborne

Eloise Quattlebaum

Ozark District

Benton County

Delores Cook

Marth Lue Featherston

Pauline Fields

Edith Fisher

Emma McGaugh

Leola Stringfellow

Katherine Tucker

Sylvia Tucker

Carroll County

Geneva West

Cleburne County

Alice Crawford

Wanda Jones

Conway County

Peggy Joyce Hammett

Dorothy Bell Morrow

Crawford County

Norma Jean Brasuell

Zella Coleman

Wanda Smith

Pansy Symonds

Johnson County

Jeri Beattie

Margie Cowan

Gladys Nation

Izard County

Sandee Collier

Vicki Lawrence

Helen Thompson

Logan County

Doris Heathman

Martha McAnally

Mary Steele-Smith

Madison County

Doris Smith

Roberta Starnes

Newton County

Barbara Hudson

Ann Rohan

Lynna Woods

Pope County

Ruby Hardcastle

Katherine Nordin

Mabel Nordin

Peggy Louise Prose

Sue Schrock

Van Buren County

Cecile Hayhurst

Barbara Lassiter

Macel Williams

Washington County

Ellen Maracella Atha

Luella “Lou” Ruth Huskey

Shirley Jackson

Helen Lewis

Marie Skelton

Betty Walker

Yell County

Betty Davis

Vivian Underwood

Sarah Whitford

If there are mistakes or omissions on this list, please contact Melody Curtis or Laura Hendrix directly and immediately.