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Best Care Connected Online Childcare Training 

Best Care Connected is an online professional development course that provides five hours of verified training through the Professional Development Registry (PDR). The online course format includes interactive elements and audio recording. Each lesson will equal 1 hour of PDR verified credit.


The 2021 BCC professional development topics are: 

  • Setting the Table for Healthy Habits
  • Brainy Babies
  • Love Languages
  • Classroom Safety
  • Teaching Independence


Course Requirements

  • Pass Introduction Quiz (80% or above).
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Pass each lesson quiz (80% or above).
  • Complete each lesson evaluation.
  • Print or save each lesson certificate.

*If you do not complete all of the requirements, you WILL NOT receive credit.

The hours that you have completed will be reported to the PDR for credit. We ask that you allow 30 to 45 days for credit to show on PDR.

Continuing Education Units (CEU's) are available for a $10 fee upon completion of the course. You can receive 0.1 CEUs for each lesson/hour that you complete. There is a section in the course on how to receive them.

For Course Reminders and Frequently Asked Questions Click Here

How to Enroll:

  1. To access the course, go to or click here for a step-by-step graphic.
  2. When you are ready to get started, log in or create an account.
  3. Once you log in, please “click” on the Best Care Connected link under the course category titled Online Child Care Courses.
  4. You are now on the Best Care Connected course home page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and select the "Best Care Connected 2019-2020" link to enroll.
  5. Please be sure to complete the registration form, pass the quiz with an 80% or above, and complete the evaluation form under each lesson.
  6. Once you have completed the course, you will need to print or save as a pdf the completion certificate.


Setting the Table for Healthy Habits

Children establish self-regulation and dietary preferences in early childhood. With that being said, preschool-based interventions have a greater ability to impact child eating behaviors than home-based interventions. This lesson strives to help you create steps to achieve healthy habits and interventions at the table.


Brainy Babies

The human brain is affected by experiences. Every appropriate sensorimotor experience that teachers provide helps children build brain connections.​ In this lesson you will learn what the current research in infant brain development recommends in early childhood and the importance early childhood professionals role is in infant brain development.


Love Languages

The 5 love languages is a way to determine and describe a unique way we feel loved. When you discover your love language and the love language of the children in your care you begin to build a solid foundation for your child to trust you and flourish as they grow. 


Classroom Safety

A well-organized classroom, with safety procedures in place, can help students feel safe and secure, as well as show parents that their children are being well cared for. In this lesson, you will walk through classroom safety topics such as: room design, biting, tooth brushing, sanitizing, rules & expectations, and more.


Teaching Independence

Adults have the responsibility to guide children so that they become competent, caring, and contributing members of society. How can teachers make sure that guiding children to be assertive does not place them in physical jeopardy or hurt others' feelings? This lesson is meant for just that!