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What is Family and Consumer Sciences?

Family and Consumer Sciences, known as FCS, was founded as Home Economics. Today we study and apply the sciences that affect the ways humans relate with their environment, whether it's their home, food or finances. The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences is part of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture's Cooperative Extension Service, all part of the land-grant system that focuses on the human dimensions of food and agriculture. Through the application of scientific research, outreach education and partnerships, FCS helps families and consumers make informed decisions that enhance quality of life and well-being.

FCS program priority areas include:

Health and wellness
Marriage parenting and family life
Family and consumer economics
Nutrition, food safety and food preservation

What Family and Consumer Sciences programs mean to me?

Personal, family and financial health!

Strong, healthy families are the foundation of Arkansas communities. The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, through its Cooperative Extension Service, improves the quality of life of Arkansans through our educational efforts. We provide educational programs that are interesting to Arkansans in 75 counties. We have local educators ready to assist you with your well-being and life challenges.