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Youth and Personal Finance

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How did you learn to handle money?  Most young adults say they look to their parents to teach and guide them in money management.  Good money skills are the best way to build wealth. In today's increasingly complex financial world, financial literacy is more important than ever. 

Whether a child is two or twenty-two, they are learning about money.  Preschoolers can learn to count and learn about coins.  Elementary-age children can start to learn about banking, credit, and planning ahead.  Older children may be interested in learning about income and career options. Young-adults need to know about auto loans and investing for the future.    


What's your earliest memory about money? Research shows that most of us learn about money management from our parents. As parents, we can set our kids on the road to financial success. 

  • Talking to Your Kids About Money

    Talking about money teaches the language of money management. Talk to your kids about your own financial responsibility and good stewardship.  Allow children to feel free to ask questions.

  • Allowance

    How much allowance should you give?  Gain tips for using allowance to teach responsible money management. Use "Spend, Save, Share" as a simple budget method.

  • Achieving Goals

    Financial goals help us make the most of our resources.  Guide your child in setting short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.  Learn about SMART goals.

  • Saving

    Young people have time on their side when it comes to saving money.  The magic of compounding is an important lesson for building assets.

  • Spending

    Good consumer decisions can fall prey to unlimited wants or the lure of advertisements.  Critical consumer thinking is a skill that anyone can use in making smart spending choices.

Programs for Youth

  • Consumer Judging is a an educational and competitive activity that teaches youth to make thoughtful consumer decisions.

    Consumer Study Guides 2018

    About Consumer Judging

  • Simulations

    Youth learn by doing with personal finance simulations conducted by the Cooperative Extension Service.  Participants experience matching income to monthly expenses such as housing, food, and utility payments. Call your County Extension Office to schedule Get Real, Here's the Deal or Ready, Set, Graduate.

  • High School Financial Planning Program

    This free, ready-to-use curriculum covers all the critical aspects of successful money management.  The Cooperative Extension Service partners with the National Endowment for Financial Education on this research-based program.