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Grandparents, adult children with boy and girl grandchildren all holding hands walking down a small grassy hill with blue sky and white fluffy clouds behind them.

Maintain financial security across your life span. Revise your financial plan to deal with the various stages and events of life.  Your goals and financial needs may change based on your situation.   


  • Couples

    Money management is important for happy couples.  Watch your assets and your relationship blossom when you practice good financial management together.

  • Youth

    Children start learning about money at an early age.  Set your child on the path toward financial success by teaching responsible financial management.

  • Job Loss

    Loss of income can be stressful.  The Cooperative Extension Service has tips to help you make ends meet and ways to use resources to weather financial crisis with your financial stability intact.

  • End of Life

    Advance directive, living will, health care proxy - these terms can be confusing.  Learn about these terms and use Extension's checklist to plan ahead.

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