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Getting Our Hearts Right: Three Keys to Better Relationships

Conflict is a universal human problem. Dealing with conflict effectively requires more than just gaining new knowledge or learning new skills. It requires us to get our hearts right as well. Come explore the three keys to getting our hearts right and having better relationships.

Childlike drawing of a red heart that has an open door in its center.Key 1: Humility opens our hearts.

Two red hearts leaning against each other and tilted opposite directions..Key 2: Compassion connects our hearts.

Red heart against a green background with yellow marks radiating outward to indicate brightness.Key 3: Positivity inspires our hearts.

Getting Our Hearts Right publication [English] [Spanish]

Authors: H. Wallace Goddard, PhD and James P. Marshall, PhD

Artist: C. Bruce Dupree

Resources for Trainers

Getting Our Hearts Right PowerPoint presentation

Getting Our Hearts Right evaluation instrument

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