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Creed, Mission Statement, Code of Ethics, 
Secretary Record Book, Powerpoint template 


Scholarships and Mini-Grants

  • AEHC Extension Homemakers Scholarships
    • AEHC Extension Homemakers Council Scholarship (Dr. Lynn Russell Memorial and Betty F. Oliver Memorial)

    FCS 751

    There are now two $1000 scholarships awarded to one or two college juniors majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences. Click above link for full criteria and application. Deadline for submitting to Melody Curtis at the state extension office is March 1.

    • Young Extension Homemakers Scholarship

    FCS 752

    The purpose of this $75 scholarship is to allow a young EH member to attend the AEHC State Meeting. Recipient must be under 40 years of age. Click above link for full criteria and application. Deadline for submitting to Melody Curtis at the state extension office is May 15.

    • Educational Mini-grants

      Application Guidelines

      The mini-grant's primary focus must be used for educational purposes, i.e. county-wide mammogram screening. The amount is not to exceed $500 a year for a maximum of two consecutive years. Click above for guidelines. Deadline for submitting to Melody Curtis at the state extension office is March 1.


Dates to Remember


State Officers and Committees

  • State Officers and Committees
    • Officers and Committee Chairs

      Current officers and chairs.

      List of current officers and committee chairs with tenure.

    • Executive Committee

      Elections held in even numbered years.

      List of current executive committee members with contact information

    • Planning Committee

      Elections held in even-numbered years. 

      List of current planning committee members with contact information.

    • Education Committee

      Elections held in off-numbered years. 

      Vice-president is chair. District directors and associate district directors serve on the committee.

    • Special Coordinators

      Members in this category include the EIN Representative, Membership Chair, Fundraisers guru which includes bingo and raffles and coordinator of the Ozark Mountain Folk Center tour each year.

    • Past Presidents

  • Nomination and Consent Forms

    Elections held in odd-numbered years.
    Return District Director Nomination Form, FCS 746, no later than May 15 to Melody Curtis at the state extension office.

    Nominee must sign and have two recommendations.
    Return District Director consent of Nominee Form, FCS 747, no later than May 15 to Melody Curtis at the state extension office.

    Elections held in even-numbered years. 
    Return State Officer Nomination Form, FCS 744, no later than May 15 to Melody Curtis at the state extension office.

    Consent must be submitted by person being nominated 
    Nominee is to fill out FCS 745 and return to Melody Curtis at the state extension office no later than May 15.


AEHC Forms

  • AEHC Forms to be Submitted by August 1 

    County/Council Officer & Leader Mailing List
    This form can be used to record club officers and/or council officers. Just indicate whether county or council at top of the form. Complete one form for council and one form for each club in your county. To be completed annually. Each year forward one copy to the county FCS agent by July 1 and one copy to Melody Curtis at the state extension office, by August 1.

    Membership List for County Clubs
    Each club is to submit a copy annually to their FCS agent by July 1. A copy should also be submitted to Melody Curtis at the state extension office by August 1 of each year.

    Annual Financial Report
    Deadline for this report to Melody Curtis at the state extension office is August 1. This form can be utilized for club/council. You may also submit a copy of your financials in the format you have chosen to use as long as it gives the same information.

    County Treasurer/s Report 
    This completed form accompanies check payable to AEHC, to the state treasurer for annual dues of members and clubs.

    General Data Form (replaces G9)
    A copy of this form is sent to the state treasurer, along with FCS 748 (County Treasurer's Report) and the check for dues no later than August 1. A copy is also sent to Melody Curtis at the state extension office, along with FCS 376 and FCS 377, no later than August. 1

    AEHC Peer Review of Group Financial Records
    It is recommended that each club/council perform a peer audit periodically to maintain a healthy audit of its records. A copy of the financial audit is to be mailed to the state office to the attention of Melody Curtis.

  •  Name Badge Order Form

    January and August are the months to finalize your order for name badges. Submit form and one check to your District Director no later than February 1 or September 1. District Director information is listed on the form.

  • Miscellaneous Forms

    Form to accompany donations to organizations
    To be used to report the number of hours your group spent planning, organizing, or preparing this donations for Arkansas Children's Hospital, University of Arkansas for Medical Science, or other missionaries.


    Request to Conduct Raffle Instructions
    Receipts & Allowable Expenses Formula
    Extension Homemakers Annual Raffle Report
    Certificate of Non-Profit Status
    EHC Special Events
    AEHC Special Events Procedure
    FCS-822: Extension Homemakers Special Event Application Information
    FCS-823: Extension Homemakers Special Events Vendor Log
  • EHC Project Books
    • FCS 741

      Judging Score Sheet

      A panel of judges comes together in February each year to judge project books. Each book has three judges, none of whom are from the county of the submitted project book. This form outlines how scores are determined. Deadline for submitting project books to the state office is October 31.

    • FCS 742

      EHC Project Designation Sheet

      Each project book needs to have a Project Designation sheet.

    • Instructions for Putting Together a Project Book, Revised August 2017

      It is important to read this instruction sheet before completing your Project Book.



Bylaws and Standing Rules

  • Bylaws Rev. 6.2018

    AEHC bylaws form the policy of the state organization. Each council and club must write their own bylaws and submit a copy to Melody Curtis at the state extension office, 2301 South University Ave., Little Rock, AR, 72204.

  • Standing Rules rev 8.2018

    Standing rules relate to the details of administration of AEHC.