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Leadership Training Guides

The following Leadership Training Guides were developed by the University of Arkansas, Cooperative Extension Service for use in program planning with the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council. These educational lessons were developed by subject matter experts in their respective areas of concentration.

Educational lessons are used with Arkansas Extension Homemakers in their club setting with a goal of increasing awareness, increasing knowledge, enhancing skills, and practical application. Generally, the lessons are taught by a leader within the club who received training on the topic.

Biennially, the leadership of the Arkansas Extension Homemakers selects a major and minor focus area for their program emphasis. The current Major Program emphasis for Extension Homemakers is Living Well. The Minor Program emphasis is Leadership Development. Each County Extension Homemakers Council plans monthly programs a year in advance on topics covering these two emphases. 

Education Focus Areas for 2017-2019

      Major Focus - Disaster Preparedness

      Minor Focus - Pre-diabetes 


Volunteer Leader Training Guides 2014-2017