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AEHC - What We Do

We empower individuals and families to improve quality of life through continuing education, leadership development, and community service

Continuing Education: We work with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service.  The Cooperative Extension Service connects trusted research to the adoption of best practices in Family and Consumer Sciences including: wellness, personal finance, nutrition, and personal development.

EHC members learn about safe and healthy food preservation for home canning.EHC CE

Leadership Development:  We create opportunities for members to develop leadership skills that increase self-confidence, improve communication, and enable individuals to become more active in community engagement. 

Get Real, Here's the Deal personal finance simulation for high school students, led by Howard County EHC members.EHC Leadership

Community Service:  We believe that by working together we can create opportunities, enrich lives, and strengthen communities. Our members contribute to a wide variety of community service projects across the state.  Last year, AEHC members volunteered a total of 705,275 hours with an estimated dollar value of $16,616,279. 

Prairie County EHC members assembled gift baskets for Random Acts of Kindness.Community Gift Baskets