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Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council

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Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council (AEHC) members have made it their mission to empower individuals and families to improve their lives through continuing education, leadership development, and community service. 

The organization is one of the largest nonprofit volunteer groups in the state with a membership of 4,400 and over 350 clubs. Extension Homemakers, the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas, and the United States Department of Agriculture are partners in providing education to families throughout Arkansas.

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EHC Officer Training March 7, 2018

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EHC Members:

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EHC Members if you have any questions please contact Melody Curtis at or 501-671-2012.


County Agents:

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Agents if you have any questions please contact Rachael Price at or 501-671-2207.


National and International Affiliate Organizations:

National Volunteer Outreach Network

Associated Country Women of the World

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Bylaws and Standing Rules

  • Bylaws

    AEHC bylaws form the policy of the state organization. Each council and club must write their own bylaws and submit a copy to the Volunteer Coordinator's office. A copy of all revised or updated bylaws must be submitted to Melody Curtis at the state extension office also.

  • Standing Rules

    Standing rules relate to the details of administration of AEHC.