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Beekeeping Publications

Our publications are practical, research based, and written by Extension professionals and experts on a wide variety of topics of interest in your daily life. Some of our publications are available free at your local county Extension office.  The publications below are available for download as PDF files, to print out or view on your computer or mobile device.  If you would like to order printed copies of these or any of our documents, visit our Extension Publications page to browse or search for a specific topic.

 "Beekeeping" MP-419



An introduction to honey bees and beekeeping in Arkansas. 
(This publication is out of print, but is available for download.)

 "Raising Quality Queen Bees" MP-518

Raising Quality Queen Bees


A simplified, illustrated manual explaining the essential how and why of raising high-quality queens for your honey bee colonies.  Detailed, but easy to understand, and suitable for raising new queen bees on any scale.

 "Managing Small Hive Beetles" FSA 7075

Managing Small Hive Beetles

FSA 7075

The small hive beetle is an aggressive pest of bee colonies in the south.  Impossible to eradicate, and here to stay, but by using an integrated approach, beekeepers can help to keep their numbers low, and minimize their impact and stress on honey bee colonies.