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Agritourism in Arkansas

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Agritourism is any activity, enterprise or business combining elements of agriculture and tourism. Frequently, agritourism provides educational or recreational experiences. It offers visitors something to see, something to do or something to buy.

The possibilities are limitless, but some common examples include pumpkin patches, Christmas tree farms, wineries, fee hunting and fishing, agricultural festivals and many others.

For farmers, benefits include the potential to increase income, identify new customers, lose the middle man, build closer linkages to the nonagricultural business community and raise awareness of and appreciation for agricultural production.

Potential benefits to communities include increased tax base, new employment opportunities, educational opportunities for the public, preservation of rural way of life and economic development that can't be outsourced to other countries.

Share your thoughts on a statewide agritourism association

A group of agritourism operators in Arkansas has expressed interest in forming a statewide agritourism association. The Cooperative Extension Service has been asked to provide technical assistance to this group, including sharing information about the effort with agritourism operators around the state and providing guidance on best practices related to nonprofit development. A very brief survey has been developed to gauge interest in this effort. By responding to the survey, your contact information will be provided to the steering committee of agritourism operators leading this effort.

To participate, please go to: .

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Stacey McCullough (501-671-2078;


Considerations in starting an agritourism business:

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Personal Assessment

Are you willing to give up privacy? Do you enjoy people? What are your goals for the farm?

magnifying glass over chart

Business Planning

Do you have a plan that includes a description of your business? Have you conducted a market analysis? Do you have a plan for advertising and marketing? Have you developed a financial plan and income projections?

Creating a business plan
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Risk Management

Have you researched the laws and regulations? Do you have insurance? Have you established a safety plan?

What are the risks involved?

Watermelon vendor presenting watermelin to customer

Customer Service

Are you prepared to maintain the appearance of your farm? Do you know what it takes to make visitors feel welcome? Do you have a plan for assessing visitor satisfaction?

Taking care of customers


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