UACES Facebook Forage ID Photo Library

Pasture Plant Identification Photo Library

Proper identification of forages and weeds is important for good pasture and hay management.  Photographs of plants and key ID features are listed to help users learn how to ID pature plants.  Plants are sorted as Grasses, Legumes, Forbs, and Woody Plants.

annual rye grass


Grasses make up the forage base in hay fields and pastures across Arkansas and include common species such as tall fescue, bermudagrass, and ryegrass.

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Legumes include clovers, vetch, alfalfa, lespedeza and others. Legumes improve forage quality and are very useful as forage and for wildlife improvement.

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Weeds & Forbs

Many broadleaf plants are considered to be forbs or weeds depending on use. Many forbs are very useful for wildlife, but have limited value as forage. Others provide good grazing in certain situations.  View weed and forb image gallery


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Woody Plants

Woody plants include shrubs, vines and trees. Woody plants are useful, but oak brush in pasture is much less valuable than oak trees large enough for lumber harvest or mast production for wildlife.

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