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Weed Management in Arkansas Row Crops

Weeds can be a primary pest in row crops because they compete with crop plants for available light, water, nutrients and space. Our Arkansas Crops Blog has the latest recommendations and information for Arkansas farmers.Dr. Tommy Butts

For more information contact your local county agent or:

Dr. Tommy Butts
Extension Weed Scientist
(501) 804-7314


PAM Weed Control Program

PAM Weed Control ProgramPalmer Amaranth Management (PAM) is a planning tool that evaluates the effectiveness of various Palmer amaranth management options. PAM integrates agronomic, biological, and economic information to help users understand the long-term implications of a given management strategy, or a lack thereof, and thereby make informed management decisions. 

Arkansas Weed Management Publications

Our scientists and specialists conduct research to recommend the latest in weed management control options. Below are two of our most commonly requested weed management publications.