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Ask the Arkansas Pest Crew 

Pictures of John Hopkins, John Boyd, Becky McPeake, and Sherrie Smith

Got pest questions? We have answers.

If you've ever wondered "What's wrong with my plant?" or "What animal did this damage to my yard?" or "Is this a weed?", we invite you to ask our Pest Crew. Select the button below to submit your question.

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Every day, Arkansas' homes, lawns and gardens are under siege by destructive insects, diseases, weeds and wildlife. How do you cope with them? How do you get rid of them? How do you prevent these problems in the first place?

That's where the Pest Crew come in. Each of these four experts has years of experience and are known across Arkansas for their pest-wise ways.

The Pest Crew members are:

  • Insects: Dr. John Hopkins, Associate Professor-Extension Entomologist
  • Weeds: Dr. John Boyd, Visiting Assistant Professor - Weeds
  • Wildlife: Dr. Becky McPeake, Professor-Extension Specialist - Wildlife
  • Diseases: Sherrie Smith, Instructor-Plant Pathology- Extension Pathologist