UACES Facebook 2018 Cotton and Peanut Considerations - Peanuts, Big Crop and Big Changes
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Mary Poling
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2018 Cotton and Peanut Considerations - Peanuts, Big Crop and Big Changes

by Bobby Coats - March 6, 2018

A grower panelist recently said, "If you don't tell the industry's story, someone else might and you may not like what they're saying." Grower associations, millers and other large entities do a pretty good job trying to engage with the public. But there's nothing like a one-on-one conversation between a grower and consumer to bridge some of the misunderstanding that exists. That's where social media comes in. Even if you don't have a lot of fans, or followers as they're called, getting even a few people to understand agriculture is a win. You never know when one of those people will go to bat for their "Facebook friend," the farmer. Getting started isn't as scary as it sounds. Boyd will provide a few tips about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the three major social media platforms and some does and don'ts to keep you out of what one grower called, Twitter Jail. She also will provide some social media examples from growers who are active to show that it doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate.


Nathan B. Smith, PhD, Clemson University,  Extension Professor & Agribusiness Program Team Leader Bio Photo

Dr. Nathan Smith is an Extension Professor and Economist with Clemson University. He is located at the Sandhills Research and Education Center in Columbia, Dr. Smith’s major responsibilities are in crop production economics, marketing and policy. He also works with South Carolina growers and stakeholders on value-added prospects and ventures. Dr. Smith is the Extension Agribusiness Program Team Leader for Clemson University, coordinating Extension efforts in agribusiness and leading a team of Extension agents and specialists.

Dr. Smith was an Associate Professor and Extension Economist with the University of Georgia prior to joining Clemson University. He was located on the Tifton Campus where his major responsibilities were production economics, marketing and policy for peanuts, feed grains, and soybeans. Dr. Smith was Extension Marketing Specialist for row crops at the University of Arkansas for three years prior to joining the University of Georgia. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University, Master of Science degree from Auburn University and PhD from the University of Kentucky, all in agricultural economics.