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Rice Research Verification Program (RRVP)

Ralph Mazzanti

Ralph Mazzanti

Rice Verification Coordinator (South AR)

Ron Baker

Ron Baker

Rice Verification Coordinator (North AR)

The Rice Research Verification Program started in 1983 and the Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board helps fund the program through a rice checkoff program. 

2018 is the 35th year for the program.  Through the 34 years, 463 rice fields have been enrolled in the program.  The five year (2011-2015) average yield for the rice verification fields is 182 bushels per acre.  The state average for that same 5 year period is 163 bushels per acre. 

Anyone interested in enrolling in the program should contact their local County Extension Agent.  Click here for county offices information.


2017 FIELDS -- Counties included in the 2017 RRVP.  Click the image to enlarge.

2017 RRVP Updates

Click on the link for the latest RRVP Weekly Update for 2017.

Archived updates from 2017 are available by clicking the following link.

   Lee Co. Green Seeker Calibration Point

Jefferson Co.  Weed ID

Arkansas RRVP Annual Reports

The following link contains the RRVP Annual Reports.  The annual report is a summary of the RRVP for that year, including summaries of each field, tables with all agronomic information, and economic analysis of each field. 


 Ralph Mazzanti & Justin Mencer