UACES Facebook Bollworm Influx - August 2011

Bollworm Influx - August 2011

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[Video shows Dr. Gus Lorenz, Extension Entomologist, standing in a soybean field, bollworms on soybean plants, and Ben Thompson sweeping a soybean field with a net for bollworms.]

Well the conditions that we have this year, hot dry weather to the south of us. Louisiana, South Texas, Mexico are in a severe drought and drought favors caterpillar-type pests.

Part of this problem we’ve seen with all this migration this year into Arkansas is the fact that a lot of these bollworms had been treated before they ever got here, [from] say Mexico or South Texas. They had already been exposed to a lot of insecticides and so when we started to try to make applications, our standard is usually a pyrethroid, like Karate or Mustang Max, Asana, Baythroid. There’s a lot of pyrethroids out there. What we found was, because they had been exposed to the pyrethroids earlier, that we were seeing some loss of control with pyrethroid, so we’re talking about using a pyrethroid, but in conjunction with orthene tank mixing or going with Steward, Belt or some of the newer products that are out there, to help us get these populations under control, because we are experiencing tolerance with the pyrethroids with these bollworms.

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