UACES Facebook Fertility in Soybean Fields - March 2011

Fertility in Soybean Fields - March 2011

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[Title Slide - Fertility in Soybean Fields. Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.]

[Brent Griffin – Prairie County Extension Agent] One thing that we are really hounding folks on here on the prairie in Prairie County, is fertility. One of the main factors is getting out here and pulling a good soil sample on your spring fields. We still have time to run these samples over at Marianna at the university testing lab and get those recommendations back before spring planting takes place for soybeans. [Pictures of soil samples being taken in a field.]

[Slide – Fertility; Potassium; $575-$600 per ton] Growers really need to be pinpointing potassium. Potash levels at … potash prices at this time have increased dramatically over last year. Last year they were running in between 400 to 450 a ton. This year they’re up in that 575- to 600-dollars-a-ton level. At these prices a lot of growers are looking at cutting back on inputs. [Slide – Fertility; Don’t cut back on Potash]  But I may need to ask and stress, don’t cut back on potash. If you’ll just think about this for instance, every time you haul off a bushel of soybeans you’re taking a pound and a half of potash with you. [Brent Griffin] So for growers who are cutting 40-bushel soybeans, you’re removing approximately 60 to 70 units of potash from the soil and hauling off, hauling off in the grain.

[Slide – Fertility; Soil sample area: Dry soil] But growers need to get a good soil sample. Need to keep the soil sample size to at 20 acres or less. Get them in to our extension offices. [Brent Griffin] Soil samples need to be dry, that a way we can get them off to Marianna, get the results back and get you an accurate recommendation so that what money you do spend is maximized.

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[Title slide - For more information contact your local county Extension office. Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board]

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