UACES Facebook Pigweed Control in Liberty Link Soybean - December 2010

Pigweed Control in Liberty Link Soybean - December 2010

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[Title Slide - Pigweed Control in Liberty Link Soybean. Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.]

[Bob Scott - Extension Weed Scientist] Ok so Liberty Link Soybeans the new technology introduced last year, first time there was any real significant acres, very successful overall from what I could see out in the fields. [Picture of a soybean field]  We’ve had very good luck with the Liberty Link system and Ignite Herbicide.

[Bob Scott] Right off the bat, one of the things Bayer asked us to do is look at program approaches in Liberty Link soybeans, that is incorporate other herbicides and other modes of action into this. We’ve been doing this for the last three years in our research program.

[Slide - Picture of a soybean field.  Key tools in pigweed fight - soybean. Liberty Link - Use a residual - any residual. Apply POST early. May only need 1 POST.  Ignite (22 ounces per acre times two), apply 10-14 days after emergence. 2-3" weeds.] It’s much easier to have a successful Liberty Link soybean program if you incorporate some residual program up front or at least a tank-mix partner very early-post with Ignite. So you’re going hear me say use a residual, any residual and I’ll elaborate on that here in a little while. If you’re going to make a post application make it early, same timing we talked about with Flexstar applies with Ignite as far as I’m concerned. It needs to go out extremely early for the first shot.  If you will use a good residual program and you will drill beans, you may only need one post application of Ignite in a good program approach if you can get canopy closure.

One thing that differentiates the Liberty Link system from the glyphosate or Round-up Ready recommendations that we just talked about is that you do have two post applications of Ignite at your disposal, where as in the glyphosate program we come back with the GT with the Flexstar tank mixed with Round-up and your pretty much done for the year. Apply ten to fourteen days after emergence on two to three inch weeds if you want to be successful in a Liberty Link system.

[Bar chart showing pigweed programs for Liberty Link soybeans in Widner Arkansas in 2010 48 days after POST Treatments.] I want to share a little bit of data with you. We look at Ignite alone, a single application eight percent control, this is at Widner. Go over there and put any residual under that and you bump that control up close to a hundred percent and that is definitely where we want to be with this system. One final note on the Liberty Link system, as Elton is standing up over there, again you look at Pre-fix followed by Ignite, Valor followed by Ignite at Widner, very good.

[Bar chart showing application timing for Liberty Link soybeans in Newport Arkansas in 2009 96 days after POST Treatments.] What about just a double shot of Ignite? What’s that going to do? Well, if we go out and time it right we can approach a hundred percent control with Ignite. It can be done, I don’t want to do it from a resistance standpoint, I don’t think you can do it from a timing standpoint. The only difference between seventy-five and close to a hundred percent control in this slide [Picture showing two different soybean fields] is twelve days. This application, the first application was made twelve days later than this application, so that’s not a very big window to get over say a thousand acres of soybeans. Again this is a good system, a system that can work.

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