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Pigweed Control - August 2010

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[Title Slide - Pigweed Control. Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.]

[Dr. Bob Scott, Extension Weed Scientist standing in a field giving a presentation at a field day] What I really encourage you not to do, is go out there, put out your first quart of Roundup® on four- or five-inch pigweed to find out if they're resistant or not, because at that point you're too late to do anything about it if they are. [Pictures showing pigweeds] There is nothing in our tool-box, nothing that I can recommend to come back and clean them up. If you think you have a problem, you need to out start with a residual program up front and really the only post-emerge product that I really recommend for pigweed right now is Flexstar, and it needs to go out on about a two- to three-inch pigweed. [Title slide - Flexstar - spray at 2-3 inches] That's when we see optimum control, if you call and it's four, five, six inches we're going to get some of them, but not all. And when we do that we are asking for resistance to what? To Flexstar.

So we really need to be thinking about a pigweed program for 2011 and what you're going to do, especially in Round-up Ready and conventional beans. [Dr. Bob Scott] There are good programs to put together. One thing I'll mention, one of the best residual products we've looked at is Prefix. It's Reflex and Dual combined, I can't really recommend it to you in Round-up Ready beans though or conventional and the reason for that is if you use Prefix you've used all the Flexstar you're allowed to use for a year, at least all that's going to do any good.

[Slide - picture of Dr. Bob Scott standing next to pigweeds. Valor Herbicide, Syngenta DualMagnum, Dow AgroSciences Treflan E.C. Herbicide, Prowl, Authority M T Z] I'd rather see you go with one of the Valor, Valor containing pre-mixes, straight Dual, Treflan, or Prowl PPI, there's Authority MTZ, there are some other options that have good pigweed control that you can use up front. [Dr. Bob Scott] Save your Flexstar to come back with as your early post- [application] either as a tank mix with Round-up or maybe the Flexstar GT premix from Syngenta, something like that, so that's my spill on pigweed in conventional and Round-up Ready.

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