UACES Facebook Resistant Pigweed Field Day - July 7, 2010

Resistant Pigweed Field Day - July 7, 2010

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[Title Slide - Resistant Pigweed Field Day, Widener, AR. Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. Number 37 - July 7, 2010]

[Chris Grimes, Soybean Verification Coordinator standing in a soybean field talking to a group of people] From, you know, to say this field all the way to the north it's the same scenario, you're all aware of that. The resistance pigweed is showing up day in and day out. I get a call, you know, 'Round-Up didn't take it out what can I do?' You know, there's not much left to do, not very many bullets left to take it out with.

[Various pictures of soybean field with pigweed] But in this particular verification field, we were going to start out putting the Valor down pre, but Mother Nature didn't allow it and I know that's one factor I always tell my guys. You know, we can't control Mother Nature, we're going, you know, play the hand that she deals us.

But it didn't work out, we were going to come right in behind the press wheel, caught a rain after he left the field, and by the time we was able to back across the field they had already started emerging so we opted just to go with Dual Magnum for a pre-emerge to try to buy us some time to get some growth on the beans before we come back over the top. The Dual, it did its job, it held well, but as it started playing out the pigweeds started coming, and we recommended an application of Flexstar GT, didn't even want to fool with any of the rest of them, cause its resistant down here, I was going to try to clean them up as quick as possible, and just to just to reinforce the timing issue that you are going to hear at each stop today. That field is living proof up there, those three days cost us, I've got a lot of scattered pigweed out there that made it through the Flexstar GT, just a simple fact that it was too big by the time we got around to applying it.

That's pretty much the update as far as the verification field. I just wanted to reiterate like your gonna hear all day- timing, timing, timing, guys. That's the key to controlling these pigweeds; we got to get them two inches [Chris Grimes holds his hands two inches apart], not two inches  [Chris Grimes holds his hands 12 inches apart].

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