UACES Facebook Liberty Link Ignite - June 14, 2010

Liberty Link Ignite - June 14, 2010

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[Title Slide – Liberty Link Ignite. Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. Number 34 - June 14, 2010]

[Dr. Bob Scott, Extension Weed Scientist standing in a soybean field] Liberty Link soybeans are a new technology that are available from Bayer Crop Science Company. [Sign - Liberty Link Ignite Herbicide Tolerant - Bayer] The thing that make Liberty Link soybeans unique is that they were specifically engineered to tolerate the herbicide Ignite. Ignite is a non-residual broad spectrum herbicide that controls a wide range of weeds commonly found in soybeans. [Pictures of a soybean field with weeds]

One of the most useful uses of this technology is to control glyphosate-resistant pigweed [Dr. Scott] such as this field that that we’re are standing in right here. Residual herbicides look very good with the Liberty Link technology, unlike Round-Up Ready or glyphosate tolerant soybeans where this technology is pretty much been used as a stand-alone. [Picture of a soybean field] Here in this field we’ve used Authority MTZ as well as Valor [Slide showing labels of Authority MTZ, Valor Herbicide and Ignite (for all Liberty Link crops)] in order to provide residual control and then came back with the herbicide Ignite. Right now we’re seeing excellent control with pigweed in this field.

[Dr. Scott] The optimum timing for Ignite on pigweed is when they are very small. [Slide showing picture of a pigweed 2-4 leaf and 1-2 inches tall] You want the pigweed to be somewhere in the two to four leaf stage approximately one to two inches tall. [Picture of a pigweed] If we let the pigweeds get too big we will miss them with Ignite over the top. [Dr. Scott]  And again Ignite does not have any residual to the product so you need to add some residual to it. We recommend Ignite Dual if no Dual was used pre-plant it’s a good idea to follow up with an Ignite Dual early post especially in a pigweed infested field.

[Narrator] Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast is a production of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and was funded in part by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. For more information on soybean farming in Arkansas contact your local county Extension Office.

[Title slide - For more information contact your local county Extension office. Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board]


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