UACES Facebook Arkansas Soybean Harvest Update - November 18, 2009

Arkansas Soybean Harvest Update - November 18, 2009

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[Title Slide – Arkansas Soybean Harvest Update; Number 22, November 18, 2009 Your Soybean Podcast, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board]

[Narrator. Video showing a combine harvesting soybeans.] Two weeks of much-needed dry weather has allowed much of this year’s soybean crop to be harvested as of November thirteenth. [Video showing harvested soybean being loaded into a grain cart] Prices for soybean remain fair at more than nine dollars a bushel, but many producers are being docked by at least a dollar per bushel at elevators due to poor quality beans. [Picture showing low quality beans]

[Picture of a flooded soybean field.] According to a report from the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, losses to farmers as of November thirteenth were more than 309 (m) dollars. [Slide – Reduced gross receipts from soybean growers as of November 13th 2009 -$127,144,000] Of that amount, 127.1 million has been lost to soybean growers due to decreased yield, quality, and additional fieldwork costs. [Slide – USDA estimated harvest soybean acreage 3,370,000. Per acre loss by total acreage -$38 an acre.] Division of Agriculture economists were expecting the loss estimate to climb through the end of the harvest. The report estimated that as of November thirteenth, eighty-two percent of Arkansas soybean have been harvested. [Picture of a tractor stuck in a muddy field.]

[Picture of soybean plants with soybean pods.] Soybean fields with later maturity Group Five soybean varieties have resisted flooding and fungus better than early maturity varieties. [Picture of diseased soybean plants.] Record rains have caused split pods and in-pod germination in some of the earlier maturing varieties. [Picture of a split soybean pod.] Some seed varieties may have reduced vigor for next year and the Arkansas State Plant Board and the Division of Agriculture will release seed vigor results this fall. [Picture of soybeans, some low quality.]

[Narrator] Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast is a production of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and was funded in part by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. For more information on soybean farming in Arkansas contact your local county Extension Office. [Title slide - For more information contact your local county Extension office. Your Arkansas Soybean Podcast, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board]


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