UACES Facebook Sprayer Clinic a success in Arkansas Delta - November 2013

Sprayer Clinic a success in Arkansas Delta - November 2013

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Audio/Video  Script:

[Narrator] Agriculture experts agree that there are many different factors that go into producing a healthy crop. But one thing that is very important and that is your sprayer nozzle. Despite their small size, experts agree that the right ones make all the difference. [Video shows various sprayer nozzles and equipment.]

A few weeks ago, your Cooperative Extension Service organized a series of sprayer clinics that took place in Rector, Marianna and McGhee Arkansas. [Video shows a county agent talking to a group of producers at a sprayer clinic showing them parts of a piece of sprayer equipment.]

[Andy Vangilder, county extension agent and staff chair – Clay County, lead organizer of the spray clinic; U of A University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.] In the past years, we’ve had a lot of problems with people going from one crop up to another, one technology up to another and this is developing over time. And when we change herbicides, we have a lot of problems like cleanout issues and we’ve also had issues with not very good control, drip problems, things like that. All of our agents in the state are dealing with that. Therefore we decided to see if we couldn’t address this problem and do something about it. [Video shows a poster of a sprayer – Increase your Efficacy, minimize drift, maximize productivity. Producers are shown in a classroom setting.]

[Narrator] Industry experts were on hand to teach about the value of sprayer selection and answer any questions on the subject.

With over 240 in attendance, this free sprayer clinic proved to be a very worthwhile experience for Arkansas farmers. [Video shows participants learning about sprayers from both in the classroom and outside in a field.]

[Andy Vangilder] As far as these clinics go, there’s really kind of two things we’re getting here. Our main speaker is really educating these folks on the tips they should be using on the spray rigs and also how their spray rig works. We have a lot of folks out there that know to get them and they know a little bit about them, but some of the specifics they’re still short on and therefore have specialists in here that has that knowledge. That is one of the things that’s really helping them pick out the right tip for the right situation. How to calibrate their sprayers, things like that. [Video shows producers listening to specialists in a classroom setting.]

On the other side of it, we have our industry people here, representing the sprayer companies and we’ve got a few of them here and we also have our spray tip people here to visit with the clientele here and let them have a chance to visit with them about the products that they have. [Video shows industry booths for various companies.]

One of the things that I’m happy that we’re doing and I’m participating in that, is that we’re trying to teach these guys, on these sprayers places that they can improve cleanout of that sprayer, that we have these problems of what we call dirty sprayers or contaminated sprayer. When they go from one crop technology to the next, if they don’t know the places on the sprayer, what we call hidden places, where a chemical can be and they don’t know how to clean them out or some modifications they can do on the older machines, we’ve got to do that to reduce this amount of contamination and we’re going to show them that. [For more information visit U of A University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.]


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