UACES Facebook Record Yields, Soybean Harvest 2013 - September 2013

Record Yields, Soybean Harvest 2013 - September 2013

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[Historical Moment - Record Breaking Yields. Wes Kirkpatrick, County Extension Agent - Staff Chair, Desha County and Gus Wilson, County Extension Agent - Staff Chair, Chicot County. U of A University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.]

I’m Wes Kirkpatrick, county extension agent and staff chair in Desha County. [Gus Wilson] And I’m Gus Wilson, county extension agent in Chicot County and also the staff chair.

[Wes Kirkpatrick]  We’ve been busy verifying soybean yield challenge fields. We’re verifying the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board at Soybean Association’s Race for a Hundred and Grow for the Green Yield Contests. [Video shows a soybean field with soybean pods.]

Well, we have to verify an area between 5 and 7 acres by measuring it off and actually calculating the number of acres in that area. We have to monitor the harvest of that plot, check the combine and trailer, make sure they’re empty before they dump onto the trailer. We have to get a certified weight scale ticket from a certified scale somewhere around and so we back-calculate the actual yield based on all the information we collect.  [Video shows trucks hauling harvested soybeans to the elevator.]

Soybean yields have been excellent across the county and across the region. I know we’ve been verifying several of these yields challenge fields and we’ve gotten, the lowest so far has been 84.7 bushels and we go up from that to over a hundred. [Video shows trucks at an elevator dumping their load of soybeans.]

Week before last, we verified a field that broke a hundred bushels, 100.82 bushels, was on a little over five acre block. The grower notified me back in the summer that he would like to be entered in the contest and asked if I’d be his primary verifier and I said, “Sure put me down,” and he and his consultant and industry reps worked together to come up with the production practices for that field and seems like everything fell into place for that field. [Video shows harvested soybeans being transferred from the combine to a trailer.] They looked like really good beans. We’ve been watching them all summer and we knew they had good potential, because  they looked really good. Nobody knew that they’d hit a hundred of course. As far as I know that’s been the first time in the state that that’s been documented and verified.

[Slide shows following table: Since recording this podcast three Arkansas producers have broken 100 bushels per acre.]

Name Date Where Variety Verified number
Nelson Crow 8/30/2013 Dumas, AR Pioneer 93Y92 100.82
Matt and Sherri Miles 9/13/2013 McGehee, AR Asgrow 4632 107.63
Rob Dunavant 9/16/2013 Eudora, AR Asgrow 4632 100.07

His production practices were not that far off from ordinary production program. Like I said, everything just fell into place. You have to give credit to the farmer. We have top-notch farmers in this area and top-notch consultants. The industry’s bringing top-notch products to the market and, of course, the good Lord provided the perfect weather for soybeans to grow.

So far with this yield challenge, the yields, the low of 84.7 so far, that’s indicative of the potential that we have in our soybean crop this year in this part of the state. I think we could potentially have a record crop. [For more information visit University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.]


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