UACES Facebook Farming App Recommendation – Grid-Distance-Area - March 2013

Farming App Recommendation – Grid-Distance-Area - March 2013

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[University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System. Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. Mike Hamilton, County Extension Agent - Agriculture, Poinsett County Extension Office]

[Various screenshots of the Grid-Distance-Areaapp]

This is one that at the crop management conference last week, one of the consultants said “I need something to help me with grid samples out in the field and I don’t want to spend all this money that a lot of folks are spending on grid samples.” Well this is a grid – distance and area and I went ahead and bought it and downloaded it. It was $9.99. I bought it to look at and see what it would do.

You can go in through here and click on this button and trace the field and then you can hit on this grid button here and 467 by 467 is a five acre grid.  You can make it a two and a half acre grid or whatever you’re interested in. And it’s going to put my grid points out there.

Well I don’t like them, the orientation’s not right, so you click back up here and you can change the orientation to zero and then you can have it square. Still off-center, you can hit back up here and hit on this pick a point and then whenever you get through and hit ok, it’ll line them all up fairly equal.

Well, I don’t like the points that much so I can go back through there and hit on lines and make it where I have the five acre square block in the field. And then you can even square those up to where, and then you can pull up your iPhone or iPad with this app. iPhone or iPad, and if you’re in that area right there, you’ll see your little dot on there and you know if you’re moved across the line or not, so you can pull your sample out of that five acres and grid sample a field with a $10 app.

[For more information on farming apps visit University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.]


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