UACES Facebook Farming App Recommendation – Grid-Distance-Area - March 2013

Farming App Recommendation – Field Ref™ - February 2013

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Audio/Video Script:

[University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System. Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. Mike Hamilton, County Extension Agent - Agriculture, Poinsett County Extension Office]

[Various screenshots of the Field Ref™app]

Now this Field Ref™ app, this is Dow Chemicals’ App. You have to contact your Dow rep to get them to set you up for this. This one is just iPad only. They won’t let you put it on your iPhone. But this is an iPad only app and it’s got every label that we use in agriculture, on there. Anything we use in these crops, whether it’s diseases, insects or weeds, it’s on there. And the good thing about this is you don’t have to have internet to look at these labels. There’s an app, Agrian® mobile, that you can use if you want to get labels, but you have to have either the Wi-Fi or internet access or 3G access, to download those labels.

This Field Ref™, whenever you click on there and you click on soybeans and disease, it’s going to pull up all the soybean labels that’s labeled right now on soybeans in Arkansas. And you can change it to Louisiana, Mississippi, whatever state you’re in. It will pull up the full federal label. And I like this one better than the Agrian®, because I can click on this little search button and say I want to look at the re-entry interval. I can actually search that document and it will pull up anytime that re-entry interval is used in there.

Say we go to Round-Up® and I go to I search re-entry interval. Do you know how long the restricted re-entry interval is for Round-Up®? Does anybody know if they even have one? It’s four hours. Technically four hours.

You can also click on to search surfactants or anything else. Several years ago, in Poinsett, we had a lot of problems with some high pH soils and some herbicide injury because of some of a benzene ring, so we had to search for benzene ring. We had to actually manually look through the old green books that we used to have for benzene ring in there.

With this app, I can just click on there and search right for it.


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