UACES Facebook Farming App Recommendation – GoodReader® - February 2013

Farming App Recommendation – GoodReader® - February 2013

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Audio/Video Script:

[University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System. Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. Mike Hamilton, County Extension Agent - Agriculture, Poinsett County Extension Office]

[Various screenshots of the GoodReader® app] This is another one. This GoodReader®. The reason I like GoodReader® is because I can go in through there and I can make different folders, I can name the different folders. Whatever I want. It looks more like my windows explorer does on my desktop or my laptop.  Whenever you open it up, you know, go to your internet in your safari and you click anywhere on the screen, it’s going to come up here, open in, and you can do open in iBooks or whatever, but opening GoodReader® will come up and when you open it in there, it’s going to stick it in there and you know the “Rice Production Handbook” is our MP192. You can click on there and this rename will highlight and you can rename the publication. You know a lot of stuff that I got, especially what I got from other universities, that aren't quite as good as the University of Arkansas, of course I am biased, but it had stuff on there and the file name would be q174299. I didn't know what in the world that was until I opened it up. But you can get in there and rename it.

Also you can bookmark stuff. In this iPad, you know, I have our MP44, our 144, our 154, I have the “Rice Production Handbook”, the “Corn Production Handbook”, “Soybean Production Handbook”. Everything is in a PDF format, with the exception of like the “Wheat Production Handbook”, but that’s something that we’re working on and maybe we’ll get out pretty soon. But I have a stack of books in this iPad, I’m telling you, I used to have to keep up in the truck and fumble around with and get through there to get to a certain page. With this GoodReader®, you can click this little button right over here and add a bookmark on whatever page you happen to be on. And then when you want to go back to it, this bookmark button down here, I can hit rice, soybeans, cotton, corn, whatever I want to hit, hit the burn down button and I’ll go right to the ratings chart.  Or whatever page I want to make it that I go to.

You can also put the, in the MP44, there’s a section on there that has herbicide prices. You can put prices on there, and bookmark anything you want to do on there.


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