UACES Facebook Maximizing Yield Research - July 2012

Maximizing Yield Research - July 2012

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Audio/Video Script:

Hi, I’m Ryan Van Roekel, Ph.D. graduate student working with Dr. Larry Purcell on the maximum yield of soybeans. [Video shows a Ryan in a soybean field.]

The current soybean yield record is 160 bushels per acre.  That was set in 2010 by Mr. Kip Cullers in southwest Missouri.  Dr. Purcell and I have been working on Mr. Cullers’ farm taking measurements and trying to learn a little bit more about his practices and how we can increase soybean yields in eastern Arkansas. [University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System. Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. Ryan Van Roekel, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.] [Video shows Ryan standing in a field.]

One thing we’ve learned about increasing soybean yields is that one of the best ways to do so is by increasing your pod load. When we think about increasing our pod set, it revolves around three main resources that crop needs for maximum yield: These resources are light, water and nutrients. [Video shows a soybean field with pods.]

We can eliminate water stress through timely irrigation, and we can help provide adequate fertility through soil sampling and amending with fertilizers. Now the way that it maximizes your light resource for the crop is through early planting and matching with your relative maturities.

We’re here today at the field we showed you earlier this year. These soybeans were planted on March 29th. 

This is one of the five varieties in our soybean strip trial. This is group 4.5 relative maturity and we’re at the mid R5 growth stage.  So we’re out here today on July 12th and these soybeans are in the pod-filling stage. Most of the pods have been set now and we can see we’ve got a very good pod load.  [Ryan is in a soybean field showing soybean plants maturity and pods.]

This and other maximum yield research is partially funded by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board and Pioneer Hybrid. [Ryan standing in a soybean field.]

To find more results from this and other information, contact your local extension agent or find us at [University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.]


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