UACES Facebook Irrigation Practices - July 2012

Irrigation Practices - July 2012

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Audio/Video Script:

Hello, my name is Mike Hamilton. I’m county agent here in Poinsett County. [University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System. Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. Mike Hamilton, County Extension Agent Poinsett County, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.] [Video shows Mike standing in a field.]

[Mike Hamilton] I have with me today Nolan Evans. We’re setting up an irrigation demonstration on his farm. Nolan and his father farm here on the north end of Poinsett County and he’s called asking about this FAUCET program on some fields up here that he’s got, where he’s got them up on beds wanting to water down the middles. [Video shows Mike Hamilton and Nolan Evans. A pickup truck drives around a field.]

[Nolan Evans] In the past, before I knew about this program, I was going out there haphazardly and just punching a few holes, and punching a few more holes and it was really a time-consuming ordeal getting all the holes and getting where I could utilize the well. But I was still having short runs and long runs and I was having too much water in parts of the field and not enough in the other, and I technically wasn’t saving any fuel or any hours pumping. Wasn’t saving any water on what I was doing.  [Video shows Mike and Nolan standing a field. Nolan driving around the field in a pickup truck turning off/on irrigation pumps.]

Of course I heard about this new program, went to see Mike and we started figuring out fields. And course like he’s told me before, the more information I could have on the field, how long the runs are, or how much it falls, how long the pipe is, more accurate, he can get all the holes and of course the flow of the well. [Video shows Mike and Nolan sitting at a computer.]

I took that, of course I don’t have hardly any level fields, I just generally have them where they fall a general direction. And once I did this program, it made it a lot quicker to punch the holes, I could go out and punch the holes all at one time and that was accurate and then it was more accurate coming out at the end of the field and I wouldn’t have as much run-off and I saved on some hours pumping, so it was just a win-win all the way around. [Video shows Mike and Nolan in a field turning on an irrigation pump.]

[Mike Hamilton] For more information, find us at or contact your local county extension office. Thank you.

[University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension University of Arkansas System, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.]


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