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Oh What a Field Trip

by Sherri Sanders - September 12, 2018

Blackberry Virtual Field Trip Reaches Participants in 30 states and 5 Countries

Sherri SandersField Trip Map

The August 15th Blackberry Virtual Field Trip was broadcast internationally to registered sites including Ghana, China, Greenland,  the United Kingdom, and to 30 states within the US (with a total of 279 participant locations).

Blackberries are an important fruit crop in the Southeastern United States.  The national and international response to our virtual field trip was unexpected but gratifying.

Although the majority of blackberries grown are traditional floricane-fruiting varieties, there is an obvious interest in using primocane-fruiting types to provide berries at a time of year when market prices are at their peak. 

We are pleased to release links to the Blackberrry VFT video recording, transcript, and other educational resources below.

These resources will provide timely information regarding the differences between primocane and floricane crops, general primocane management practices, implications of Surround product use to suppress disease and pests through early to mid-season, potential consumer acceptance issues with white-washed berries, the use of farm planning and budgeting tools and observations from the farmer’s perspective.

Thanks again for your interest in our Virtual Field Trip (VFT), our SSARE sponsored research, and primocane production.

Sherri Sanders, SSARE Blackberry Project PI
University of Arkansas System
Division of Agriculture - Cooperative Extension Service

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View the recording of the Virtual Field Trip:

 View the Virtual Field Trip TRANSCRIPT here

2018 Virtual Field Trip

For more information, view our How-To Blackberry School educational videos.

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