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Plan for the upcoming season with our interactive fruit budgets!

by Leah English - February 12, 2018

Want to start a blackberry farm? Thinking of adding blackberry production to your existing farm? Want to estimate the profitability of your current blackberry operation? Proper budgeting can help get you started on the right foot!

Blackberry Budgeting Tool

Careful recordkeeping and basic financial analysis will take some of the guesswork and stress out of managing your farm. Budgets are a useful tool in helping to plan for your operation. They can aid in evaluating the production of potential crops, developing a realistic business plan, and applying for financing or grants. Creating a budget forces you to think through your production and marketing plans for the year, allowing you to make better financial decisions for your business.

Bugeting with Calculator
Cash in a Jar

The University of Arkansas System, Division of Agriculture, Center for Agricultural and Rural Sustainability (CARS) has developed a series of interactive budgets aimed at helping producers to plan and make important decisions on their farms.

A useful feature of the CARS budgeting tools is that they enable you to quickly perform advanced economic analyses such as: breakeven, sensitivity, and risk analyses. With these analyses, you can determine when to expect to start making a profit at various price, yield, and cost situations, and estimate the probability of meeting specific profit goals. They can also help you to project when loans can realistically be repaid, and help you to communicate your farming plans and credit needs to your lender.

These budgets are meant to be representative of typical or average farm situations and are meant to be used only as a guide for planning and decision-making. However, when used properly, they can be a powerful tool for improving the profitability and management of your farm.

To download these budgets and find out more information check out:

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Budgeting on Tablet


Leah English
Research Program Associate
Agri Econ & Agri Bus

Leah English


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