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Providing up-to-date information and timely recommendations on row crop production in Arkansas.


Ep. 17 - Drain Timing for Flooded and Furrow-Irrigated Rice (8-19-20)

Review of rice drain timing recommendations for flooded and furrow-irrigated rice based on number of days, general kernel color, and soil type. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 16 - What is BCI and how do growers sign up?

This podcast will help to provide a better understanding of the process BCI uses to help facilitate continuous improvement for producers to become more efficient and sustainable and to ensure the supply chain has confidence in that they are getting the sustainable cotton they want. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 15 - Foliar vs. Soil Applied Nitrogen Fertilizers in Rice

Discussion of foliar vs soil applied nitrogen fertilizer in rice during reproductive growth stages. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 14 - Rice Growth Stages & Fungicide Timing

Generalized overview of reproductive growth stages of rice and how to use them to time fungicide applications. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 13 - Midseason N and Beyond

Discussion of rice midseason nitrogen application timing for varieties and boot nitrogen application timing for hybrids. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 12 - Fertilizing & Flooding Early Rice

Discussion of factors to consider for taking early planted small rice to flood. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 11 - Staying Safe on the Farm through COVID-19

Download episode transcript.

Ep. 10 - Getting Sprayers into Tip-Top Shape for 2020

Pesticide applications, specifically spring herbicide burndowns, are beginning to gear up across Arkansas. This podcast highlights inspection, calibration, and maintenance of spray equipment to make sure they are in optimal working condition for the 2020 growing season. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 9 - Cover Crops: Is it too Late to Plant? 

Being flexible in response to weather challenges is a big part of farming.  Our target planting dates for cover crops have passed for most producers and many are asking if it is now too late to plant them. It is not too late. This podcast addresses modifications that should be considered now to help ensure the success of the cover crops in meeting your goals. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 8 - Cover Crops: Improving Biodiversity and How that Benefits Cotton

The use of cover crops is a big part of a plan to improve soil health.  Increasing the diversity of your cash crop and cover crops is one of the four basic ideas that USDA-NRCS promotes. This podcast addresses cover crop selection, the impacts of cover crops on biodiversity and how this benefits cotton. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 7 - Herbicide Technologies in Rice 

Comparison of FullPage, Clearfield, and Provisia rice systems. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 6 - Fall Weed Control 

Fall weed control is an important component in managing weeds from a systems approach, specifically by reducing additions to the soil seedbank. Strategies for controlling late-germinating Palmer amaranth, Italian ryegrass, and problematic perennial weeds in the fall are discussed. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 5 - Rice Milling Issues

Reasons for recent rapid decline in rice milling yields. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 4 - Fall VS Spring Applications with Trent Roberts 

Determining the best time for phosphorus and potassium applications can be tricky. Let us help you decide which fields are better candidates for fall vs. spring application timings of pre-plant nutrients. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 3 - 2019 Rice Harvest Update with Jarrod Hardke 

Rice harvest progress as of 9/20/19. Discussion of false smut issues, rapidly dropping grain moisture, and drying charges. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 2 - Rice Harvest 2019 Progress with Jarrod Hardke 

Discussion of rice harvest 2019 progress. Dealing with rapidly dropping grain moisture and green plants. Using sodium chlorate in lower moisture rice. Download episode transcript.

Ep. 1 - Rice Harvest Aids with Jarrod Hardke 

Discussion of sodium chlorate use as a harvest aid in rice. Timing, rates, and impacts on grain yield milling yields. Download episode transcript.