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Hobby and Small Flock Poultry in Arkansas

small poultry flock and poultry house
There is renewed interest in poultry keeping and the hobby continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. Many individuals desire to have their own poultry for production, exhibition, or for a hobby. Some of these poultry owners prefer to have poultry that free range in their yards or pastures; others desire to produce their own poultry organically. Many cities and municipalities are changing their ordinances to allow people to keep poultry. 

Numerous individuals in Arkansas keep and maintain a small home, backyard, or exhibition flock of poultry for eggs, meat, or as a hobby. The last few years has seen an increase in the hobby of keeping small poultry flocks across the USA and in Arkansas. Many youth in Arkansas are involved in 4H poultry projects or poultry showmanship. Poultry youth activities continue to increase as more and more youth become interested in keeping and exhibiting poultry. Extension personnel conduct workshops for 4H and youth interested in poultry selection, judging, and showmanship. The extension poultry chain continues to be a huge success with poultry chain chicks delivered by extension personnel to almost every county in Arkansas. The county agents and extension specialists receive numerous calls regarding the keeping and care of small poultry flocks.

 Arkansas poultry extension personnel also assist the small poultry flock owners in the state. Numerous educational workshops and seminars are conducted in the counties of Arkansas.

These educational programs address a variety of topics such as:

            ·            Breed selection for small flocks

            ·            Disease recognition, prevention, and control

            ·            Poultry husbandry and care

            ·            Other areas of interest to small flock owners.

For additional information on the locations, dates, and times, for small flock workshops and seminars near you, contact your local county agent.