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There are a variety of educational publications to learn more about horses and/or programs within the Arkansas 4-H Horse Program as well as the Extension Horse Program.  Click on the links below to access and download publications.

  • Newsletters
    • Fall 2015 - Stallion Auction Approaching, National Contest Results, 2016 Calendar of Events.
    • Summer 2015 - 4-H State Roping Round Up, State Horse Show Results, Southern Regional Participation from Arkansas
    • Spring 2015 - Hot Springs County Ranch Horse Show Results, District and State Shows Around the Corner, Halter Breaking Your Horse, Tips for Teaching Your Horse to Tie
    • Winter 2014 - Horse Management Tips for Cooling Temperatures and Extending the Grazing Season; 2014 4-H 4x4 Chute Out; Razorback Stallion Service Auction; 2015 Dates and Locations.
    • Summer 2014 - 2014 State 4-H Horse Show Wrap Up, 4-H Roping Review, Storing Hay Outside
    • Spring 2014 - Western National Round-Up Horse Judging Contest Results, Vaccination Guidelines - Developing a Vaccination Plan, 2014 Dates and Locations
    • Fall 2013 - 2013 State Horse Show Results; Southern Regional Horse Show Results, Care and Storage of Tack During the off season; Feeding the Easy Keeper
    • Summer 2013 - Vaccination Guidelines – Developing a Vaccination Plan; 4-H State Roping Results; Tips and Advice for Choosing a Bit When Breaking a Horse 
    • February 2013 - Horse Buying Checklist; Arkansas 4-H'ers Compete in Western National Round-Up; Rabies in Horses
    • November 2012 - Arkansas 4-H Horse Program Adds Ranch Horse Division at 4-H State Horse Show; Preventing Laminitis or Founder During Changing Seasons; Controlling Rain Rot; Considerations for an Effective Teeth Floating Program 
    • September 2012 - 2012 Arkansas 4-H State Horse Show; Recognizing Stress in Horses; Tips for Feeding Horses During a Drought; Evaluating the Costs of Doing Business; Controlling External Parasites 
    • November 2011 - It’s Cooling Down Out There, Time to Consider Your Horses’ Blanketing Needs; 2011 Southern Regional 4-H Horse Show Wrap-Up; Berryville Clinic and Show Wrap-Up; Jonesboro Stock Horse Show Wrap-Up; Forage Tips for Fall Pasture; 2012 Horse Events
    • September 2011 - 2011 Arkansas 4-H State Horse Show Wrap-Up; Giving Horses Intravenous Shots; Important Dates; Arkansas 4-H State Roping Show Wrap-Up; Equine Herpes Cases Could Affect Arkansas Horses; Benton Stock Horse Show Wrap-Up; Equine Infectious Anemia Reported in Arkansas
    • Summer 2011 - Equine Camp Participants Embrace Work During Spring Break; Arkansas 4-H Activities Benefit From Plum Creek Grant; Giving Horses Intramuscular Shots; Horse First-Aid Kit 
    • May 2009 - Guidelines for Vaccinating Your Horse; Summer Horse Care; Get Your Horse Involved in the Training Process; Calendar of Events
    • February 2009 - Accurate Feeding Management for Your Horse; CEM Investigation Now Includes Arkansas; Let Your Voice Be Heard; Every Day Is a Training Day; Calendar of Events





For more information contact:

  • Dr. Mark Russell
    Assistant Professor - Equine Extension
    University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture
    Cooperative Extension Service
    2301 S. University Avenue
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
    Phone: (501) 671-2190
    Fax: (501) 671-2185
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