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Beef Quality Assurance

What is BQA?

BQA is a nationally coordinated program implemented in each state in order
to build trust and confidence in the beef industry. The goal of the Arkansas BQA
Program is to encourage the consistent production of high quality cattle in 

How does BQA improve Arkansas beef?

  Red Angus Cow from the Batesville Research Station
Red angus cow standing in a pasture at the University of Arkansas research station in Batesville, AR. 
Arkansas BQA programming focuses on educating and training beef producers and veterinarians on the issues in cattle food safety and quality.  Instruction is based on information gained by the National Cattlemen's Association and includes common sense management techniques along with accepted scientific knowledge on how to raise cattle under optimum herd health management and handling conditions. Once BQA certified, producers are equipped with knowledge that will help them obtain the goal of producing a safe and wholesome product.   

How can Arkansas producers become certified? 

Arkansas BQA offers two ways to participate.

1. Online Certification: Producers register through the National BQA Online         Classroom, complete the desired training modules and pass the test. The           National BQA Manual and training modules are available at no cost. 

2. Face-to-Face Certifcation: Producers attend a course provided by an official     Arkansas BQA trainer.  Producer information will be entered into the National       BQA Online Classroom database.

*  For both types of certification, a state and national BQA number will be issued     for the producer.  To remain current, producers must re-certify every 3 years.   

Is there anything beyond certification?

Arkansas BQA offers the farm assessment program.

  • Farm assessment allows producers to utilize BQA trainers as consultants to get their farm BQA compliant.  
  • An assessment consists of two farm visits by BQA trainers to go through a comprehensive checklist.
  • Assessment includes aerial drone mapping of working facilities.  
  • The trainer will give a copy of the checklist with recommendations.
  • After a mutually agreed upon period of time, the BQA trainer will visit the farm again to record improvements.
  • After the second visit, the producer will receive a BQA Farm Assessment sign that can be posted on the farm.
  • Check this webpage in September 2017 to register for this program.   

 Arkansas BQA offers the train-the-trainer program for educators who wish to be BQA trainers.

  • Classes will be offered in each district to increase the number of qualified trainers.
  • Registrants must have experience in adult education.  
  • Upon completion, new trainers will receive equipment and resources to help with future BQA classes.
  • Contact Dr. Heidi Ward for more information.   

AR Beef Council LogoThe BQA program is supported by the check-off dollars provided by the Arkansas Beef Council. 


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