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Consumers are concerned about the safety of the food they eat. The perception of safety and wholesomeness plays a major role in the buying decisions of a health- and diet-conscious America.

The overall goal of the Arkansas Beef Quality Assurance Program (BQA) is to encourage the consistent production of high quality cattle in Arkansas, enhancing the reputation of Arkansas cattle and ensuring their health and wholesomeness. Educational efforts center on cow calf and stocker cattle management practices such as proper handling, injection-site techniques, etc., that affect beef value and quality.

The Arkansas BQA Program offers producers two levels of participation.

Level 1 - Voluntary Participation: Producers can participate in this level by reading the BQA Handbook and adopting BQA guidelines. Participation is voluntary and will place the producer on the BQA mailing list for future updates. To enroll in the mailing list, click here to complete online or complete the Level 1 Enrollment Form and return it to the address indicated on the form.

Level 2 - BQA Certification: Producers can participate in Level 2 by successfully completing the Arkansas Beef Quality Assurance Producer Certification Exam, signing the BQA Producer Contract and returning the enrollment form, the exam, and the contract to the address indicated on the form. Upon successful completion of the exam and receipt of a signed contract, the producer will be issued a BQA certification number, BQA certificate, BQA ID card, and property sign. The producer will also be placed on the mailing list for future updates.

AR Beef Council LogoThe BQA program is supported by the check-off dollars provided by the Arkansas Beef Council. 


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