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Beef Cattle Production Record Keeping

Production records are important to ranch management.  Records help track inventory, project future calving dates, and monitor performance. Records also help monitor change over time and progress toward goals.  Producers use records to track traits that are economically important.  This site contains links to information on scoring cattle characteristics like feet and udders, guidelines and factsheets, and performance and health record forms. A list of recommended software providers to assist with cattle record keeping is also included.

Cow Hair

Hair & Coat Shedding Score

Guide to hair and coat shedding scores. The ideal time to evaluate hair coat shedding is beginning and end of spring breeding season.

Hair & Coat Shedding Score Table
American Hereford Association: Udder Scores

Teat and Udder Score

Guides to teat and udder scoring. The ideal time for udder and teat scores (taken on the weakest quarter) is within 24 hours of calving. 

AHA Fact Sheet

Teat & Udder Score Table

Body Condition Score

Guide to body condition scores for cattle. Ideal times to BCS cattle are 90 days pre-calving, and at calving, breeding, and weaning.

Body Condition Score

Pelvic Area

Guide to measuring pelvic area. The pelvic area is calculated by multiplying vertical and horizontal dimensions of the internal pelvic opening.

Pelvic Area Guide


Aging Cattle

A guide for determing the age of cattle by teeth, courtesy of The Stockman's Handbook by Ensminger, 2nd edition.

Aging Cattle by Teeth

Extension Publications


Extension Forms

  • AG803 - Livestock and Forage Record Book
    AG803 is a pocket book that can be ordered through your County Extension Agent. It contains management tips and record-keeping resources for cattle and forages. 


Record Keeping Software

Company Name Cloud Access Website URL
Cattle Max Yes
Herdone Yes
Cow Sense Limited
Cattle Pro No
BovIQ  Mobile Device