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Fall in Arkansas - Tips, Resources, and Best Practices  

Looking for free autumn resources for your family or farm? Our Extension agents and specialists are prepared to equip you with knowledge and research-based solutions to manage fall leaves, save up for holiday spending, and prepare for the winter months ahead.


Holiday Budgeting - Think Outside the Gift Box

This fall, shop wisely for holiday gifts and avoid the January financial blues. Avoid the stress and spend less with advice from our financial expert!

Check out our holiday saving tips
turkey with a thermometer

Stress-Free Perfect Turkey Prep

Best practices for using food thermometers, cooking times, safety tips, and more. Don't miss the bonus turkey gumbo recipe to use the leftovers!

Have a stress less turkey fest!

Free Soil Testing

Soil testing can be done in the fall and spring before the lawn greens up. We offer free soil testing to Arkansas homeowners!

Learn how to take a soil sample

Garden to Pantry

Find tips for transitioning your garden to fall and discover ways to prepare and preserve your harvest. Even find resources for donating freshly harvested produce!

Get gardening and get cooking!

Don't Move Firewood | Arkansas Regulations

Fall in Arkansas is the perfect time to camp and cook outside, but it's important to know that firewood can transport invasive insects. Be sure to follow the rules and keep firewood local.

Best practices for purchasing and using firewood

Fall Season Publications and Resources