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Template Updates 


February 2018

2-6-2018 - Removed Finance-200C, Monthly Certificate of Service. Form is obsolete and replaced by the Division Timesheet.


November 2017

Revised 11-27-2017

FINANCE-313: Authorization for an UACES Payroll Deduction for an AR 4-H Foundation, Inc., Contribution

Summary: Updated fund designations, replaced Social Security Number with Employee ID, changed Business Office to Financial Services.

September 2017

Revised 9-29-17

EHIRE-164 and EHIRE-SP164 – Changed the mailing address from 4-H Youth Development to Human Resources Office. Added the option of submitting the form by email. Added the EEO statement.

AGRI-483, Nematode Sampling Submission Form – Changes are increases in prices, additional tests available, updated EEO.

August 2017

Revised: 8-2-2017

Replaced Construction Programs with  Construction Programs
Replaced Non-Construction Programs with Non-Construction Programs
Replaced Certification Regarding Disbarment with  Certification Regarding Debarment & Suspension
Replaced Felony and Tax Certification with Felony and Tax Certification

Removed Department of Health & Human Services Assurance Compliance form

July 2017

Revised: 7-28-2017 

FINANCE - 312: Internal Grant Approval Form 

New Template: Finance - 315: Subrecipient Commitment Form

FINANCE - 315: Subrecipient Commitment Form

June 2017

DELETED: 6-27-2017 

EBEN-364: Employee Request - Tuition Discount

Summary: Added UAMS and eVersity to Home Campus on File with Human Resources.

DELETED: 6-27-2017 

EBEN-365: Spouse/Dependent  Request - Tuition Discount

Summary: Added UAMS and eVersity to Home Campus on File with Human Resources.

Minor  6-15-2017

C.E.S.P. 2-17  Posting Requirements

Notice to Employees, How to Claim Unemployment Insurance

Link to the Workforce Services page was changed.

Minor  6-14-2017

C.E.S.P. 1-62  Hiring Policy

XV. BANNER Administrator List

Lisa Brown replaced Amy Hedges in Agriculture & Natural Resources, Research and Education Centers.

Genean Riddick replaced Reba Hawkins in Family & Consumer Sciences.

March 2017

MINOR 3-27-2017

EBEN-364: Employee Request - Tuition Discount

Summary: Added UAMS and eVersity to Home Campus on File with Human Resources.

MINOR 3-27-2017

EBEN-365: Spouse/Dependent  Request - Tuition Discount

Summary: Added UAMS and eVersity to Home Campus on File with Human Resources.

July 2016

DELETED 7-8-2016 

FY4-H-137: Program Assistant of the year Nomination Form

FY4-H-639: Specialist of the year Nomination Form

Summary: Replaced with online forms.

REPLACED 7-8-2016

FY4-H-135: Volunteer Leader of the Year Nomination Form
FY4-H-136: Extension Professional of the Year Nomination Form

Summary: Replaced with updated versions 

April 2016

DELETED 4-11-2016 

EPERS-137: Extension Excellence Awards Nomination Form

Replaced with on-line Award Nomination Form

March 2016


DELETED 3-1-2016

AGRI-420: Plant Disease Clinic Form

Summary: Deleted per Sherrie Smith

January 2016


DELETED 1-28-2016

EBEN-225: University of Arkansas Election to Terminate Health or Dental Form.

Summary:  For dental use E.B.E.N.-105: Delta Dental Enrollment Application; Cancellation of Coverage; Add/Changes to Coverage.

For Health use: E.B.E.N.-106: University of Arkansas Health Insurance Enrollment Application

MINOR: 1-12-2016

EPERS-107: Application for maternity Leave

Summary:  Added fields for payroll signature, title, and date.  Provides HR Fax number.

October 2015


MAJOR: 10-30-2015

EPERS-105: Supervisor's Notice of Termination

Summary: Separated termination reasons of Transfer to other UA Campus and Transfer to another State Agency.

September 2015


MINOR: 9-9-2015

EBEN-231: Request for consideration under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Summary: Added:  Supervisor Signature.

Download: EBEN-231

August 2015


MINOR: 8-25-2015

EPERS-105: Supervisors Notice of Termination.

Summary: Added: Check box for "Eligible for Rehire" and "Not Eligible for Rehire".  Deleted: "If employee is not eligible for rehire explain."

Download: EPERS-105

July 2015


MINOR: 7-30-2015

EPERS-109: Employee Request - Leave for Study.

Summary: Removed fields for "Division" and "Department".  Updated Instructions for submitting the form.

Download: EPERS-109: Employee Request - Leave for Study

MAJOR: 7-22-2015

EPERS-105: Supervisor's Notice of Termination.

Summary: Removed the "Other" checkbox in the Termination Reason section.

Download: EPERS-105

June 2015


NEW: 6-22-2015

FINANCE-226: Notice of Lost Check, Affidavit of Forged Check

Download: FINANCE-226

April  2015


MAJOR: 4-21-2015

EPERS-137: Extension Excellence Awards Nomination Form.

Summary: The form is a nomination form and replaces the recommendation form.

Download: EPERS-137

NEW: 4-9-2015

MISC-400, Cooperative Extension Service Gift Disclosure Form for Cash and Non-Cash Gifts over $250

Download: MISC-400

DELETED: 4-1-2015

EBEN-111: University of Arkansas Medical Coverage Change Election Form

Summary:  Form obsolete.

January 2015


MAJOR: 1-27-2015

EHIRE-100T: Request for Personnel Action Temporary

Summary:  Removed question 9: Is background check or drug screen needed?
Changed Location Orgn to Work Location.
Added a line for Approval Orgn.
Added County/Dept. Orgn
Download: EHIRE-100T

MAJOR: 1-23-2015


Summary:  Eliminating the use of EHIRE-112T & EHIRE-169T forms when requesting a temporary employee.

MAJOR: 1-15-2015

EPERS-123: Annual Report of Outside Employment for Faculty and Administrative Staff

Summary:  Added columns for Employee ID#  and Actual hours worked per year.

Added the statement: An Outside Employment Request for this employment was submitted and approved.

Download EPERS-123

MAJOR: 1-15-2015

EPERS-105: Supervisors Notice of Termination

Summary:  Split template into two templates.  EPERS-105 and EPERS-105A

Download EPERS-105

MAJOR: 1-15-2015

EPERS-105A: Supervisors Notice of Termination - Checklist

Summary:  Was second page of EPERS-105

 Download EPERS-105A

MAJOR: 1-15-2015

EPERS-100T: Request for Personnel Action Temporary

Summary:  Added two questions: Does position require frequent driving? and Does position have frequent contact with youth?

 Download EHIRE-100T