UACES Facebook Affirmative Action Templates
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Affirmative Action Templates

A.F.F.A.C.T.-01: Civil Rights Yearly Assessment
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-01
A.F.F.A.C.T.-02: Sample Documentation of Radio/T V Release
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-02
A.F.F.A.C.T.-03: Determination of Nondiscrimination Status Organizations and Groups
View Policy C.E.S.P. 2-3
Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-03
A.F.F.A.C.T.-04: County Extension Council Membership List
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-04
A.F.F.A.C.T.-05: Sex and Racial-Ethnic Composition of Potential Audience
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-05
A.F.F.A.C.T.-06: Potential Audiences
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-06
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 07: Contact Record
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.- 07
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 08.0: Attendance Record/Sign-In Sheets with Mailing Address
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.- 08.0
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 08.1: Attendance Record with E-mail address
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.- 08.1
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 08.2: Youth Attendance Record/Sign-In Sheet
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.- 08.2
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 08.3: Observer-Collected Contacts Log
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.- 08.3
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 10: Signup  Cards
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.- 10
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 12: Program Compliance Calculator
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T. - 12
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 13: 4-H Overnight/Day Camp Participants
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T. - 13
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 14: 4-H Scholarships Recipients
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T. - 14
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 15: 4-H Awards, Competitive Events Participants
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T. - 15
A.F.F.A.C.T.- 16: Volunteers
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T. - 16
.F.F.A.C.T.-343: Certification of All Reasonable Effort
View Policy C.E.S.P. 2-2
Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-343
A.F.F.A.C.T.-344: Contact Record
View Policy C.E.S.P. 2-10
Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-344
A.F.F.A.C.T.-345: ADA Self-Evaluation and Compliance
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-345
A.F.F.A.C.T.-345.1: Reasonable Accomodation Log - Request for Reasonable Accomodation
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-345.1
A.F.F.A.C.T.-346: Civil Rights Compliance Review Report
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-346
A.F.F.A.C.T.-347: Civil Rights Review Check List
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Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-347
A.F.F.A.C.T.-504: Interview Record
View Policy C.E.S.P. 2-2
Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-504
A.F.F.A.C.T.-513: Annual Certificate of Non-Discrimination E.H.C.
View Policy C.E.S.P. 2-16
Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-513
A.F.F.A.C.T.-662: Annual Certificate of Non-Discrimination 4-H
View Policy C.E.S.P. 2-16
Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-662
A.F.F.A.C.T.-663: Annual Request for Official Approval of the Master Gardener Program and Certification of Nondiscrimination
View Policy C.E.S.P. 2-16 
Download: A.F.F.A.C.T.-663