UACES Facebook C.E.S.P. 11-1: Scheduling Compressed Video Conferences


System Management - Telecommunications

C.E.S.P. 11-1: Scheduling Compressed Video Conferences

Date Revised: 4-5-2007
Supersedes: 11-15-2006

Summary: Establishes the procedure for scheduling compressed video conferences.

     When you need to schedule a compressed video conference, take the following steps:


  •   Look at the schedule for Room 003 - Meeting Room in Zimbra.

    • Click on the Calendar tab.

    • If you see Rm 003 - Meeting Room in the list, select it.

    • If you do not see Rm 003 - Meeting Room listed, e-mail or call the Call Center (501-671-2255).

    • Look through the calendar and pick your dates.

    Telephone the other sites that are to be included in the conference and verify they are available. Tell them you want to set up a compressed video conference. Ask them what the IP for their site is.

    Send an appointment request through Zimbra to reserve Rm 003 - Meeting Room for the date and time you want.

    In the To: box type
    Set the Start Date, Start Time (allow time before the event for setting up the system), and duration of the event.
    In the Subject portion of the appointment, type the name of the event.
    In the CC: field, type Susan James and Buff McCree.

    In the Message portion of the appointment, list:

  • The names and IP of the sites to be included,

  • The date and time of the conference,

  • A name and number where you can be reached, and

  • Whether we are the host or are only receiving from another site.