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System Management - Office

C.E.S.P. 4-11: Employee Conduct

New: 3-6-2012
Replaces C.E.S.P. 4-10 and C.E.S.P. 4-6

Summary:  Establishes policy concerning employee conduct

Personal Phone Calls

Use of Extension telephones for personal phone calls during the work day limits the availability of telephone lines for official business. Similarly, use of personal cell phones during the work day - except during lunch or breaks - interrupts official business. Consequently, personal calls must be kept to a minimum in both time and number.

Extension cell phones are intended for the conduct of official business, so personal usage should be kept to a minimum and Extension must be reimbursed for the personal use of business cell phones. Department heads will distribute the monthly usage report to each cell phone user for review and identification of all personal calls. The individual will return the monthly usage report with personal calls marked to the department head. When total charges for personal calls equal or exceed $5.00, the user must submit a reimbursement check payable to Cooperative Extension Service to cover the personal charges. If the monthly usage does not equal or exceed $5.00, the amount will be carried forward until the $5.00 balance due is reached. Reimbursement payment will be due at that time.

The Watts line (888 number) that allows one county to be transferred through our main desk to another county is reserved for the conduct of official business and may not be used for personal calls.

Office Dress

All Extension staff members are expected to be well-groomed and dressed appropriately, modestly, and in good taste for their job assignments. Appropriate professional dress may vary depending on nature of daily activities. Supervisors will provide guidance to staff in this area, and they are responsible for assuring that employees in their units dress appropriately and professionally.

If questionable attire is worn in the office, the supervisor will meet privately with the employee regarding the inappropriateness of the attire and the need to refrain from wearing it at work in the future. In certain cases, the supervisor will meet privately with the employee and direct the employee to go home and change his/her attire immediately. This absence from work will be charged to the employee’s annual leave. Repeated instances of inappropriate, unprofessional dress may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Equipment and Supplies

Extension equipment and supplies are intended only for work-related purposes. Extension computers, telephones, credit cards, fax machines, cell phones, photocopy machines, vehicles, machinery, tools, disposable supplies, and other equipment and materials should not be used for personal or non-Extension commercial or charitable activities. Unused or obsolete Extension equipment may not be discarded but must be disposed of in accordance with established procedures (see CESP 10-9, Maintaining Equipment Inventory).  Unauthorized or personal use of equipment or supplies may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Personal Visitors

While visitors are welcomed at Extension, an employee’s children, other family members, or friends should not be a regular presence in the workplace. Exceptions may be made in response to special circumstances for a short period of time, but such exceptions must be requested in writing and approved in advance by the supervisor.

Criminal Arrests, Charges or Convictions

Extension employees must report to their supervisor, within 24 hours or at the earliest possible opportunity thereafter, any criminal arrests, criminal charges, or criminal convictions, excluding misdemeanor traffic offenses punishable only by fine. Employees must cooperate fully during any review process undertaken by Extension. Failure to make such a report or to cooperate with such a review shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


Your work for Extension may give you access to personnel or budgetary information that is considered confidential. You are expected to respect the confidentiality of such information and not disclose it to anyone who does not have an official need for it. If you have any question about the confidentiality of information entrusted to you or to which you have access, ask your supervisor.


An important contributing factor to Extension's success is the way in which employees get along with each other. Extension does not attempt to restrict employees with unnecessary rules governing conduct on the job. However, your attitude toward your work and your co-workers can affect your own productivity and that of your entire work unit. Teamwork requires a spirit of good will, mutual collaboration and cooperation. Every employee's contribution is important to the accomplishment of our mission.