UACES Facebook C.E.S.P. 10-7: Purchase Request
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System Management - Equipment and Supplies

C.E.S.P. 10-7: Purchase Request

Date Revised: 11-5-2002
Supersedes: 4-24-2001

Summary: Establishes policy concerning requests for purchase of items not considered normal supply items.

Individual Purchase Request

The following procedures must be observed when requesting the purchase, rental, or lease of such items as office furniture and equipment, demonstration materials, books, films, publications, etc.:

• Requests must be submitted by Online Requisition through the Banner system.

• Multiple requests may be submitted on a single purchase request; however, all similar items should be grouped together on the request form.

• Approval of the supervisor, along with the appropriate associate director or Associate Vice President for Agriculture – Extension, is required to make the purchase. If the purchase is not approved, the requestor will be notified.

• Each purchase requisition should include as complete a description of the item to be purchased as possible (include size, style, specific bid requirements if necessary, etc.). Any accompanying documentation, such as registration forms, invoices, or contracts, should be submitted to the purchasing office.

• Financial Services will not process requests with insufficient information regarding Banner Fund and Org numbers. These requests will be routed back to the supervisor submitting the request.

Requests for items should allow sufficient time for normal processing and delivery. Financial Services personnel can provide estimated processing and delivery time. Items that have to be bid will require a longer period of time.

Requisition procedures

Blanket Purchase Orders

Blanket purchase orders are issued for purchase of allowable supplies and materials of an immediate, though nonrecurring nature. Purchase of State contract items, constitutional items, biddable items and capital equipment against Blanket orders are a violation of State law and not allowable. Monthly expenditures against Blanket purchase orders may not exceed $1000.

Use the Blanket Order Request Form, P.U.R.C.H. - 303, to request issuance of a Blanket purchase order and the Blanket Order Payment Authorization Form, P.U.R.C.H. - 307, to authorize payment against Blanket purchase orders. Attach any receipts or invoices to the authorization form and forward to the Business Office for payment.

Any receipts or invoices sent to Financial Services without an authorization form will be returned to the supervisor for payment authorization.

Inventoried Items

Items to be held in inventory require special handling and are requested using the Purchase Request for Inventory Items Form, P.U.R.C.H.-304.