UACES Facebook Performance Evaluation

Personnel - Performance Evaluation

C.E.S.P. 1-69: County Agent Appointment, Evaluation and Promotion

E.E.V.A.L. - 152: Associate, Assistant, & District Directors and C.F.O. Evaluation

P.M.G.S.-03-2: Program Associate & Program Technician performance evaluation

P.M.G.S.-03-2.5: Project/Program Director & Senior Director Evaluation

P.M.G.S.-03-2.5: Project/Program Specialist & Manager Evaluation

P.M.G.S.-07-2: Non-Tenure Track Faculty Evaluation - Definitions

P.M.G.S.-07-3: Non Tenure Track Faculty Evaluation - Form

P.M.G.S.-08-1: Classified Evaluation

P.M.G.S.-08-1.5: Classified Performance Evaluation Appeals

P.M.G.S.-08-1.6: Non-Classified Performance Evaluation Appeals